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Hi, I am an RN who is experiencing firsthand the incredible benefits of these Plexus health and wellness products.  This company is growing so fast because the products work, people are having amazing results and their compensation plan is like no other in network marketing!  There are 11 ways to be compensated.  The company takes 45% of it's profit and shares it with all of the ambassadors based on your monthly sales volume! Once you reach the 6th rank, you receive a Plexus Lexus and a free trip to Hawaii for two, first class all the way.  The top three ranks receive an additional bonus based on the total profit. The company has high standards and a unity philosophy which encourages teamwork and support for one another.  There is no inventory, the quota is $100/month with auto-ship on and you are paid on 7 levels, that is not including the Business Building Bonuses!  Our top grossing salesperson has two legs and is making over a million dollars a year, mostly through FaceBook postings and training her team that is growing by 10 thousand members per month now, demonstrating the beauty of duplication!  She has done this in 3 years mostly from her iPad in her living room.  There is one story after another of people having amazing results, sharing the product and advancing up the ranks as a result of social media and consistent outreach. AND, the products work, the Flagship product Slim was created for pre-diabetics and diabetics to help to manage their blood turns out, it had more benefits...weight loss, increased energy, decreased anxiety, decreased cravings for sugar and carbs, decreased BP....Personal testimony, my BIL has rheumatoid arthritis, he has been taking a trio of the products and is off all medications except for one that he takes 2 times a month!!! One of my clients suffers with gout, after three months on the products...pain free! From a nursing perspective, I have always been suspicious of something that seems to cure everything.  I have read and researched and this is my rationale:  If you balance blood sugar, your hormones will move into a more productive state, cortisol and it's harmful effects when excreted continuously will not be an issue, then your body can heal itself, which it is always trying to do silently anyway.  These products help the body to balance and heal.  Gut health is a huge part of the equation and most people have had the most remarkable results when they use the TriPlex combo. All of the products are all natural. The health and wellness line features vitamins an Omega supplement that is not fish oil, but has all of the benefits and a natural energy supplement that is better than Adderall!  There is a pain relief line, a weight loss line and a health and wellness line.  Join me in changing peoples lives and giving them financial freedom!  Join me?  I want to build a team of people who want to go to the top and change the world!

This article was published on 13.07.2016 by Cyndi Heaton
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