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My name is Bryan Cooper and I am helping people market their primary business through the most looked at communication device today - your smart phone.  We look at it from between 10 to 150 times per day and feel naked if we don't have it.  This online business card or mobile website for the smart phone is all about need and timing.  Anyone with a product or service or just anything to promote will have an advantage over those who do not have -- what we call "a Knomii".  Let's face it, people buy from those they either Know, trust, or like.  Knomii makes it easier for another person to get to "know you" better and to possibly like you more, then maybe even trust you more even though they may not have even met you yet!  

The technology going into the Knomii system is unique in the world of software and programming.  Currently there is the beginning stage with Knomii and just one App with a revolutionary Contact Manager as a downloadable app for either Apple and Android.  There will be different Knomii Apps for different industries such as the Real Estate, Auto, and other's.  The App can contain videos, LINKS, and resumes, the MLS for Realtors, GPS guidance for parents who have children with their own KnoMii App.  There are many many more applications that will be built into the KnoMii platform in the near future.  

Over $4 million went into this product so far and over four years of development due to 100% custom software platforms having to be created.  This will be a household name and the opportunity is only open to marketers until Nov. 15th 2015.   After that, only customers as affiliates.  If a marketer was to become a Brand Partner with Knomii before Nov 15, 2015 then they will get paid on everyone through every leg to endless depth.  This App will go viral like Facebook has.   Some people call it a social media system but the big difference is that KnoMii does not sell your personal information to make money like Facebook does.  It's only $7.00 per month per person and if you are only a customer, you can sell a KnoMii to a person and get $1.00/mo. but only to personals.  So if you gave out 7 KnoMii's to people who bought it through your link, then YOUR KnoMii is free.  The other difference is that you have control over your personal information either being Public (or) Private.  A KnoMii is really your digital business card.  I get other people's business cards then I tell them that I have gone paperless, "let me send you my card," and they love it!  

This product will market your PRIMARY BUSINESS passively just by sending it to others.  This is mine: this is also interactive. It is also on your cell phone, here is the website to see videos and to (get your knomii)  858-342-3335 Bryan

This article was published on 08.08.2015 by Bryan Cooper
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