If You Have No... Time to SURF, Let Us Help

  We are a unique exchange.  Mainly Thedownliner is a cooperative; which means there is no internal surfing required at all.  Most traffic exchanges require that you surf in order to show your own sites and earn credits.  You earn points in TDL by promoting TDL outside of TDL.  TDL is not restricted to Traffic Exchanges as many Cooperatives are.  Many exchanges will not allow promotion on sites they have not pre-authorized or partnered with meaning if you try to show any other Cooperative on a site they don’t have listed then  you will see a page telling your viewer that the exchange they are Surfing is not a part of the approved list which is wasting your credits, time and it completely pointless and wasteful.  You can promote TDL anywhere; Safelist, Traffic Exchanges, Blog, Social Network, etc. 


TDL views are unique in that if you are promoting the Cooperative in an exchange that is having a surf competition, then you have an advantage over those not using their Cooperative links because not only are you earning credits in that exchange you are also earning points in TDL.  We only charge for Unique Views which means if anyone viewing your Cooperative link already viewed it within a 5-minute timeframe you are not charged for that view and is given to you as a FREE View.  1,000 views at TDL goes much further than 1,000 credits at a Traffic Exchange. 


TDL works on a timeframe meaning you will never run out of views or be charged for clicks for the duration you choose.  If you set a Banner up for 24 hours that means the Banner will continue to be shown until the 24 hours has expired rather than until your impression run out.  You can choose to have your Banner, Text Ads, and Social Post to be promoted 24 hours, 7 days or 30 days. 

 So, you may be asking what does TDL have that nobody else has.  To begin with TDL has a very important element for any level marketer to have and that is Statistics of who is viewing their sites and for how long.  This page also tracks where you are promoting and give you statistics like number of views, number of unique and signups.  My favorite part about TDL is the feature of allowing members to post to Social Networks without even needing to own a Social Network account.  There are many other  advantages of being a member of TDL, but I feel it important to mention that they have a first rate support system which comes in the forms of Live On-Site support, two 24/7 Live Chatrooms on Skype, Telegram the ticketing support system.  Payouts are usually completed the same day they are requested.  

Don't delay join us today!

Best regards, 

Brenda Loving 

This article was published on 21.12.2019 by Brenda Loving
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