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I continue my personal example of copying the best investments Let's sum up the results of the first month. Numbers are often better than words, especially growing profit indicators of your portfolio.


5 000 in testing new investment opportunities gave me about 30%, this is 1 500 USDT in this month.

Low risk investments

20 000 invested in a Solid Trading Bank with a profit of 2% per week brought me profit 800 USDT in 2 weeks. I will got 40 800 USDT/year.

I transferred 10 000 invested in Amir Capital from a savings account in BTC to a stable account in USDT with a profit of 3% per month with capitalization. I will got 14 257 USDT/year. Profit with BTC growth is 2 625 USDT in 2 weeks.

We have placed Zion Finance with a daily profit plan of 0,5% to a low risk pool. I will got 0,7 BTC in a year from 0,25 BTC invested here. Profit is 875 USDT in 2 weeks.

This part of my capital will be raised by 2,5 X in a year with minimal risk.

Medium risk investments

The Ether Connect project pays out 10-17,5% of profit on a monthly basis, plus the possibility of multiple growth of the ECC token. I invested 20 000 here. ECC which is used for inner calculations grew by 14% over the month from 0.355 to 0.405 USDT. ECC will be listed at 2 USDT on Uniswap in mid-September, so I can look forward to X5+ profit. Profit is 1 995 USDT in 2 weeks.

I invested 5 000 both in Yacht Company with 1% profit per day and in Car Company with 0.8% profit per day. Profit is 700 USDT and 560 USDT from them in 2 weeks.

Our new project in portfolio is Futurion with accrual 0,5-2% daily plus X times growth possibilities and bonus programs. I invest 10 000 here. Profit is 910 USDT in 2 weeks.

Even if only half of these projects work, I will get about 3 X profit, cool.

High risk investments

Cloner project closed. I received 1.68 ETH (6 000 in USDT) in 2 weeks.

New project in the high risk pool is Zet Bull with 2,1% accrued daily. I am investing 5 000. Profit is 1 470 USDT in 2 weeks.

Coin Terra, in which I invested 10 000 on a plan of 4.5% per day, including the principal, gave me 4 500 in 2 weeks, so I went into breakeven after a month.

Fully automatic Albet. 1st plan is a 9,5% per week. I received profit 1 140 USDT for 2 weeks. I reinvest 0,1250 BTC in new plan 2 477% after 35 days, so I expect 3,0962 BTC in October. 2nd plan is 3 355% after 75 working days. Invested 0,1250 BTC, so I expect 4,1937 BTC in November.

Even if 30% of high risk projects work out as planned, I will do a lot of X.

My total income is 23 075 for 2 weeks.

Net investment profit for 1st month is 31 835 USDT.

Net referral profit for 1st month is 4 100 USDT.

Follow the news, I will talk about progress towards the goal of 1 000 000 out of 100 000.

Copy the best investments here and now

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This article was published on 05.09.2021 by Zlatosvet Varlamoff
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