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Your affiliate link block by facebook solution

I want to do this business announcement for those who affect from facebook blocking their url from their respected affiliate program or network marketing program so  its feel bad when it happens to you right

so i have being  affected so many times and i try to google solutions  yes i found some they all about redirecting your affiliate link using refresh redirect 301 solutions but i come up with perfect long term solution that may help you succeed online and grow your small home base business long run

This is very important  because sometimes some programs going off business so you need to have a strong foundation to keep your links in the web because when it comes to the internet you may get results long run. its not onetime run business you need patience and keep seed internet with your own brand and links

i started to build my brand and helping others to build their brand last 2 years now i can help you too in mlm gateway or if you found this announcement from web

so i can build a small funnel that can instantly lead to your affiliate marketing program like earn easy commission or 4percent group elite marketing pro, now a lifestyle,, or your mlm lotions or potions business any business you in this will help

just take look below 3 samples and see i have helping members in earn easy commission program and its is great program out their from thousands but we do not know how long those biz opp owners keep those sites live so you need to build your brand  so use these funnels i will edit as long as you need any business you in anytime i m that helpful when it comes to helping others

here one of the great high converting page we build its call

the second one we build for eec members call start-earn-easy-home-income 

If you drive traffic ti this kind of mini funnel you can collect their email address or i even can add face book messenger bot or connect with me on fb button so you can find and chat with those prospects directly

i found this method work with fb lives and any post you can share with these funnel links because they are specific for your brand and there no chance to get block by facebook boys or go to fb jail

facebook usually block affiliate urls not just yours because when fb algorithm found so many facebook users share same web domain in their respected platform it will trigger facebook block bots and start to block those main affiliate program links we always like earn easy commissions SFI strong future international, 4percent group they all got block by facebook.

because they are a very popular program there so many newbies who do not know how to use facebook for marketing they just jump into a program and slam links everywhere in facebook. 1st facebook hates business opportunity space or make money online, MLM network marketing those niches but they do not hate their users and their users brand or fan pages as long as you not spam links you are good to go always do not just share links ad value posts quotes and funny images around your social media as well as your funnel links so that way you never get in to fb block trouble hope my service help you as well, its free  you can message me here in mlm gateway.

This article was published on 28.03.2019 by Shan Cladvi
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