The real truth about 25 Dollar Legacy

Any serious online marketer should take a few minutes to read this and take action. I am a professional marketer of over 30 years and I have been very successful overall despite a few failures and knock backs along the way. It really pains me to see the state of Online Marketing today. So many people, without a clue what they're doing, are saturating the industry with CRAP and eroding the credibility of the real businesses out there. These people always want something for nothing, no investment, no effort and no real input and when it's doesn't work out for them they cry "scam" as loud as they can. Go back to your 9 to 5's is the only advice i can give to these people and let the serious business people get on with what they do best: MAKING MONEY!

Ok rant over now let's get down to REAL Business:

25 Dollar Legacy was one of my top 3 recommendations for 2016 and having been with them since pre launch (launch was on April 27th 2016) I have revised my opinion slightly. I now consider 25 Dollar Legacy to be the absolute NUMBER ONE sustainable business opportunity of 2016 and beyond and here are the reasons why:

The real truth about 25 Dollar Legacy

What is 25 Dollar Legacy? 25DL is a marketing tools platform developed and set up by two well known, successful and respected marketing giants. It was established as a 'company' in the USA and, in fact the company registration document is posted in their official Facebook group. Around the professional marketing tools, which members get to use and include landing page builder, multi social media auto scheduler, personal webinar room, pro control panel with unlimited bandwidth, auto responder etc., is a 3 tier matrix system with a superbly designed and generous payout scheme. The set up has been designed to offer the maximum payouts in the shortest timescales - that's not to say you don't need to put in effort to earn big money - YOU DO just like any business - but you can actually be on a recurring profit within just 24 hours with this platform. You only need to add 2 people to your team to be in profit every month for life.

The first level (or structure as 25DL calls it) is a mere 3 x 3 which means you only need 39 people to completely fill it. For every person who enters your structure you receive $5 who ever introduced them. If you have personally introduced them you will additionally receive a $10 bonus. Both the payments and the bonuses are recurring so you will get this money every month for as long as the team member stays. The minimum you can earn per month from the 3 x 3 is $195. If you personally introduced all 39 members that will rise dramatically to $585 a month. The second structure is 5 x 3 and pays $15 plus $10 bonus, the third is 10 x 3 and pays $30 plus $10 bonus.

The cost to enter 25DL is just $25 a month (I have only ever paid $25 from my own pocket because each new monthly payment now comes directly from profit). To upgrade to 2nd Structure is $65 a month (again only from profit) and of course it's up to you when or if you ever move to larger structures and the top level is $100 a month from profits. These levels you can do the math on to work out just how much money they can make you. I can tell you that the top out for the membership is set at $33,800 a month recurring residual income. I am currently at a little over $2,200 a month after just 10 weeks in. Many have now exceed $4-5,000 monthly already.

The training and support are second to none with loads of 'over the shoulder' webinars several times a week and a fast and efficient support system. The founders personally operate the official Facebook group and many members contribute helpful advice and useful stuff you can use to grow your own team.

WHAT REALLY SETS 25DL APART now is that we are seeing many big names in the marketing world joining and bringing in huge teams which tells us two things:

1) 25DL is here to stay and now has a tens of thousands strong infrastructure.

2) The credibility of 25DL is now cemented throughout the online business world.

So I am issuing a personal invitation for you to join my growing team and secure your own future in network marketing. CLICK HERE to sign up now. You may register free and then take a look around your back office and if you add me on Facebook at that time I will add you to the official group. You will receive my Facebook link with your welcome email.

I look forward to seeing you at 25 DOLLAR LEGACY and will support you all the way.



This article was published on 10.07.2016 by John Ward
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