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Solid !!! BUT WHY ?

You should know that GDI was created in 1999. The company will also celebrate its 20 years in the coming months and as a gift members will see a completely redesigned site up to date.

In terms of marketing plan, there we also type in the beefy by telling you that it has existed since 2004 or 14 years.

Even with this information you have doubts?

Well I thought of you.

I scanned the web for more advanced information.

Simply by typing create and customize a domain extension.

Imagine if I could have done it easily or just by paying, in this case, yes I would have had doubts.

Only I was quickly cooled ^^

To create a domain extension otherwise say to create a TLD (Top Level Domain) you have to go through Icann (Internet corporation for assigned names and numbers)

In French: (Internet company for the names and numbers assigned)

Since January 12, 2012, any organization can create a TLD. But for that it will be necessary to constitute a file in reinforced concrete.

The Icann dossier is very complex and is scrutinized by Icann.

The organization will have to answer 50 questions. Each of these questions requires several pages of argued answers.

For about thirty questions, the subject concerning the technology and the infrastructures that the applicant (s) wish (s) to set up to manage his TLD.

The identity of the candidates and their business models are also scrutinized.

Obviously I provide you with the source site of my information where you will find my words and that much more in detail.

I hope I opened your eyes and answered any questions

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This article was published on 25.06.2020 by Pierre Boutet
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