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                                                                There are 2 types of Laws of finance:



1} LAW OF POVERTY: This law states that work alone or work under someone and remain poor for the rest of your life. 95% of people in the world are living under this law. The people under this law make use of their credentials, they have ego, they seek for job, they have someone called boss, they receive salary which is fixed amount.


S= Small

A= Amount

L= Limiting

A= And

R= Restricting

Y= You

These people are called the working class. They always look for job.


J= Just

O= Over

B= Broke

2} LAW OF WEALTH: This law states that work with a team or group of people and remain wealthy forever, it is just 5% of people in the world that are living under this law. The people under this law make use of their potentials, and they are called the thinking class, they think of what to offer to the society and in turn make money. These people they earn their money which is income and it is not a fixed amount. These people are called the thinking class.

The difference between these laws is that the people under the LAW OF POVERTY don't make use of opportunity (except the limited few sorounded by responsibilities and sacrifices).. while those under the LAW OF WEALTH make use of any opportunity that comes their way. The wealthy ones make use of ID Number and also Partnership, they have what is called big dreams but the poor don't have.


This article was published on 11.12.2019 by Cynthia Osuji
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