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Onecoin is Generating Income Overnight for EVERYONE!!!

Try an Investment Company with a Compensation Plan I can GUARANTEE will work. 

Would you like to earn additional income? More than likely, your answer is YES! I have witnessed peoples live change through Onecoin. Just like many people who want their lives to change, financially. I put money into tons of MLM opportunities over the course of 10 years and nothing produced anything I can show for it. Nothing that was financially life changing.

All the things that I want to achieve and accomplish in my life felt for from achievable without the finances to do so. For as long as I can remember, I always had this desire to do, be, and have better. It was hard getting there under my current circumstances until I discovered Into Cryptocurrency

Watch this video and feel the same feeling I had. Achieving a better life has never felt more obtainable than I have ever felt before watching this video on cryptocurrency. Without getting into specifics, I invested in the smallest package $145. It came with 1,000 tokens and other incentives as well. All the packages come with wonderful incentives. 

Starter Package: $145 (1,000 Tokens, 100 BV Points, etc)

When the Onecoin Token Barometer reaches 100% (about every 30-60 days now) all your tokens double. I had 2,000 tokens right after the split. Currently it takes 40 tokens to mine 1 coin. 2,000 tokens = 50 coins. The current market values each Onecoin coin at $4.30. 50 coins x $4.30 = $218. I also directly sponsored 3 people under me. Under the Onecoin Compensation Plan, I earned $60 that I can spend immediately on my Onecoin Onepay Mastercard.  Thats $278 I earned off my initial investment. 

Now you may think $278 is not a lot of money but Onecoin is projected to be valued around $400 in 3 years. Take my 50 coins x $400 = $20,000. Onecoin is a little over 1 years old and already has a market cap of +$2 BILLION dollars. For $20,000, does $145 sounds like a great investment. Do you want to have $20,000 extra in the bank in 3 years or are you content with what you have?

Onecoin is rising faster than any Investment company to date and creating more wealth then ever before. Onecoin is taking over "Top MLM Earners in the World" according to by its members who are generating substantial amount of income monthly through Onecoin's Compensation Plan. 

Where do you want to see yourself 3 years from now? How can Onecoin change your life? We have a package "Tycoon" that offers 60,000 tokens and doubles 2x when the split barometer reaches 100%. Instead of earning only 120,000 tokens after a split, you earn another split creating 240,000 tokens. Remember, as of right now, it takes 40 tokens to mine 1 coin.

240,000 tokens / 40 (40 tokens per coin) = 6,000 coins.

Each coin valued at $4.30 = $25,800. That is $25,800 that belongs to you.

Projected value of each coin 3 years from now is around $400 per coin = $2,400,000

What MLM or Investment Company do you know right now, that is projected to give you over $2 Million in 3 years. With all investments there is a risk but can you risk passing up $2 Million dollars. This could come sooner or later but you don't want to be the one who never risked at all wishing 3 years from now that they invested into Onecoin 3 years ago. 

Sign up at Into Cryptocurrency and discover how you can achieve financial freedom, not only just for the future but NOW. Sign up and take a look at our TOP TIER Compensation Plan.

Steve has made $125,000 of income since July 2015 from the Onecoin Compensation Plan. They offer an amazing referral bonus program that allows you to have access to your money almost immediately. Steve and Tamara are available to talk to you and help you with any questions you have with Onecoin. Rather you only want to invest or invest and take advantage of the compensation plan. We Are Here to Help. 

Sign up now at and we'll get you speaking with people like Steve whose life has changed. Celebrities, millionaires, etc are joining onecoin for a reason. They see the potential to create more wealth for not just themselves but for regular class individuals who want more.

My personal experience has been wonderful. I earn money from my downline. I earn money on the people I refer. I also earn money on the coins as they rise in value. I've tried tons of MLM opportunities and this is the first one that is working for me. I am beyond overwhelmed and grateful to finally changing my circumstances. 

I have changed my financial circumstances. 

This article was published on 17.12.2015 by Tamara Martin
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