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Viral Referral Marketing Agency: 

Offering Our Clients: The Best Lead Generation System for 2023.   We mimic the best viral campaigns so you can see similar results in your business.  We help to source the best lead magnet to attract your ideal customers.

Gabe Schillinger used Viral Funnels to Go From a starving artist to a music production millionaire.

Using viral marketing techniques, Gabe Schillinger was able to create a six-figure launch and take his 

company to over $2 Million in revenue just from funnels.

The Real Gurus Know:

if You Can Harness the Power of Viral Traffic.. You'll Never Worry About Money Again.

The Most reliable and consistent way to generate wealth is to turn advertising into profit.

That is a powerful statement.  However, the truth of the statement cannot be challenged. The net worth of these online Titans tells the story.   Russell Brunson is an early user of Upviral funnels .

So for many of us, struggling to get leads and earn an income, the path is clear.  I have identified three sources that provide the best of the best viral lead referral campaigns.  I created my own agency to provide this service for "The rest of us".

I embarked on a mission to find the truth behind what the top performers say and what they really do to bring home those big paydays like these:

“Giveaway Campaign Snowballed into 30K Leads and $34K in Revenue”

Friendly Rugs ran a 4-week campaign generating 4,508 leads with 30% referred leads, $4,775 in sales and 3,087 social media shares and interactions.

Secret #1 Giveaways Campaigns are one of the BIGGEST secret weapons to grow a business.

KingSumo giveaways added 28,636 subscribers to our email list!

Viral Leads Funnel debuts and creates a new level of lead generation software with  an easier user interface

What a breath of fresh air and relief from the bogus claims or arcane time sucking perpetual traffic activities.

An interesting note from Jeff Aman,  claims that  Upviral Saved his busines, Upviral is The Ultimate Referral Marketing System to get traffic. This software feeds into his click engine program.

Marketers keep their most effective strategies locked behind closed doors, leaving the rest of us to fend for ourselves.

Viral Marketing Suite is designed to break down those barriers, making viral marketing accessible to anyone with a passion and a product or service to share.

Even with the easy user interface, Viral campaigns may still be time consuming to set up. To demystify the process and provide a quick fix to your traffic and income problems, Viral AD Masters created an Agency to take your need for a viral campaign.

We will do it for you. We add in an automated Social Media component and set up viral posting to your desired Social Media account for 30 days,

We also create a viral video specifically for your business.

Why Choose Our Agency?


Many of the viral marketing tools and services available today come with hefty price tags that only big corporations can afford. With Viral Marketing Suite, I aimed to create an affordable solution that delivers exceptional results without burning a hole in your pocket.

Empowering Creativity: 

Viral campaigns are all about creativity and innovation.

Everyone has a unique message and idea to share with the world.

Viral Marketing Suite empowers individuals and small businesses

to express their creativity and reach a global audience.

Measurable Results: 

Big-time marketers enjoy the luxury of in-depth analytics and tracking tools. With Viral Marketing Suite, I integrated powerful analytics so that users can measure the impact of their campaigns, learn from their successes and failures, and continuously improve their marketing strategies.

There are only 10 slots available for our debut Launch the costs is only $190.00 to have us create, monitor and post.

Contact me if you would like us to create your first Viral Marketing Campaign or You can try Upviral for 14 days for only $1.00

UpViral $1.00 Trial

contact me @ to lock in your spot.

To Your Success!

Virginia Sanders

‪ (916) 546-5642‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬


Results Driven Marketing

** I am in the process of transferring my website Viral marketing from Wealthy Affiliates to another provider so https://viral admasters will be available until September 15. To reach me directly send your requests to or call my voicemail. 

This article was published on 11.09.2023 by Virginia Sanders
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Upviral - lead generation, 1 USD to join

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