Making Real Connections and Networking With Like Minded People Is Important

They say it's who you know that gets you the breaks in life. I'm not sure I believe that entirely! We must make our own breaks but knowing people definitely helps. Being able to share ideas and just know you aren't alone in the big wide world of internet marketing gives me motivation. Hearing peoples success stories inspires me to work harder, build faster and reach out more. Having said that however, I've run into some unsavory individuals who want nothing more than to take your money, your time and run. I've trusted too many of these types. 

Back in the early days, when my internet marketing journey began, I was what you would consider a program jumper. Never staying long enough or working hard enough to get anything off the ground.  (few of those companies are still being marketed, 20 years later, and I wonder, IF I had stayed, if I'd be a top earner today.) That did help me realize, however, where my true passion was in this industry.  I got to know the differences between MLM, Direct Sales, the programs where you had to keep inventory, and drop ship programs, affiliate programs vs. referral programs. I've sold Tupperware and Avon, and I always come back to building my list of networkers (the like minded people I refer to) who are looking to make a living by building a business online, like myself.  So I learned what to look for, and what type of people to align myself with and I found the company I finally felt comfortable putting my faith and trust in and yes, my money and my time.  Not saying anyone has to put money in! But I think it's a little like a retirement account - the more you put into it, the more you will ultimately get back out of it. 

Another little revelation I had is that although other marketers say they will help build your business for joining them, or that the company will build your business because they market for you, or that all you have to do is pay hundreds of dollars and your business will be built for you, I have found if you aren't willing to do the work, chances are you aren't going to reap much out of it.  People will say a lot of things to get you to join under them and then desert you once the check has cleared.  I can't tell you the number of times that happened to me. I understand that you can't babysit everyone that joins your team, but dropping off the face of the earth after the sale, when daily conversation was the norm before, well that just isn't right.  

Anyway, ITJ is what I've decided to place my time and effort into.  It is backed by a very reputable company and a very transparent CEO. Everything that is done, is done for the purpose of helping others build their fortunes online.  No hype! And this guy will do it! The new spin that is being put on ITJ, the ECO matrix, will prove to set the affiliate marketing world on its ear and may very well change the way the industry works.  Earn on the efforts of others below you 14 levels.  You never have to refer anyone or sell anything to earn and ITJ will always be free so I can feel really good about referring people to this program and know that they will be on their way to monthly residual commissions, all just for joining.   Here's the website to more info!

 I'd like to offer you a free report also.  As a newbie, I struggled to make money and I wish this had been around back before I figured it out myself.  Grab a copy of "The Ten Immutable Laws of Internet Marketing Success"
This article was published on 06.03.2018 by Joan Nielsen
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