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How to Avoid Sounding Salesy While Attracting People to Your Opportunity

What is probably one of the biggest fears when promoting your offer on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram or TikTok?

It's the idea of feeling like you need to sound like a marketer to get people to pay attention to your stuff.

It's the idea that you need to hard sell people or "push" them to but your product or join your business opportunity.

But worst of all, the rejection that comes from doing that in the first place.

Trust me I get it. Your fears are completely justifiable as there are very few people with the stomach to do the types of things I just stated.

The good news? That stuff isn't even necessary for you to get leads and sales. In fact, you want to steer as clear as humanly possible from those types of things.

The reason? Because people HATE the idea of feeling like they're being sold on social media.

And who could blame them?

Besides, people get on social media anyways to laugh at memes, drool at other people's food posts, post 12 selfies in an hour and other random things.

Why in the world would they even consider someone looking to push product or a business opportunity?

So what if we did something different?

What if we could create content that exposes your product to people and them actually STOPPING to read it?

Say whaaaa....?

Indeed it's very possible. But you need to do it right.

You need to know WHO you're talking to and HOW you're going to communicate with them.

How do you do that? Well it first starts by clicking this link to check out the 5-Day Posting for Profits Challenge.

Listen I get it.

I understand the anxiety of posting about your product and feeling like it's just another lame attempt to sell to people.

I understand the frustration that people get when they post consistently but get nowhere with people gaining interest.

But I also understand that many of us have been taught the wrong way in regards to promoting our products.

We're just told to "promote, promote, promote".

But we weren't told how to do it without half of your friends list completely abandoning you.

That is until the #3 ranked recruiter in all of Canada decided to create this special training specifically for people who are looking to generate a ton more interest by posting on Facebook and acquiring tons more leads and sales by doing so.

If that's you, then click here to check out the special 5-day Posting for Profits Training.

See for yourself if your marketing doesn't change altogether from the "used car salesman" type that many of us have been encouraged to do!

This article was published on 31.08.2021 by Kevin Williams
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