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Millennials Seek Work-Life Balance In Seeking Jobs

During my recent visit at my bank, Rosy Mendez, bank manager said farewell as she was leaving her job.  She was moving to North Carolina as she accepted new job for a design firm.  She opted to go to the new firm at slight pay cut.  Her reason was that at new job “the work-life balance is much better”. At her new job she can work from home on Tuesdays and Fridays at whichever hours. Unlike at bank, new place emphasized on work performance rather than her presence at the office.  

I have noticed that many youngsters- millennials and Gen Zers are moving into better work environments.  Slowly but surely, they are changing the jobs and old culture associated with the jobs.  Gone are the days when work and long hours were expected from “loyal” employees.  Over the years the workers experienced burnout, unhappiness.

Times are changing fast as their connection to job is not through a physical location but the phone.

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Does that mean today’s young workers are lazy and entitled or they are the first ones to realize the proper role of work in life? They have proven that you don’t need to be in the office 9 to 5 to be effective. This generation is paving the way for the entire work force to do their jobs remotely and flexibly.

If you believe that you work to live, then employee needs to shape their jobs in ways that fit with their daily lives. That could mean working remotely or shifting hours when needed. Some employees claim they work more and efficiently when they can manage their home life with no pressure from work.

Technology is a big reason for youngsters to have different perspective.  The youngest people entering the work force don’t remember a time when people weren’t always reachable, so they don’t see why they would need to sit in an office to work.  Furthermore, younger generation’s mindset is that employers must treat employees well.  Some young folks advocate that having a job is their RIGHT!

Let us not forget that millennials were the first generation raised by women. They have also seen their parents lose jobs and savings during economic downturns. They no longer expect a lifetime of loyalty from an employer, so some say they don’t want to give their whole life to work.

Not long ago, the job interview was a test.  But from a millennials perspective it is a conversation that they are good candidate but is the employer “good” for them?

There are two different interpretations can be derived from younger generation:

  • I need a life so I will work hard when I can
  • I want to work less and yet I want to be paid

Let’s be honest. The demands from family can be endless; so, if you are working form home- what gets priority? Is it work or kid needing attention? Most employers know that, thus they are not comfortable giving people autonomy over where and when they work.

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Here is the dilemma that younger generation is unwilling to settle for the way things have always been done, especially women. They believe that previously the system enabled only few to succeed.  They want to change the system so everyone can succeed.

Is it a utopian concept or path toward socialism???

This article was published on 23.09.2019 by Prakash Kunjeer
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