$35.4 Billion in Annual Sales

According to the Direct Selling Association, the largest single direct sales product category is wellness. That includes referral marketing vitamins, minerals, weight loss, skin care and personal care products. Of the $35.4 Billion in Annual sales in the Network Marketing channel, wellness products represent 35.6% of total transactions. In addition, wellness is the fastest growing category of all. It has grown from 22% to well over 33% of all sales in just the last decade. Furthermore, growth is accelerating and we see every indication of increased revenue growth into the foreseeable future. This makes referral marketing vitamins and supplements the ideal product category for entrepreneurs who seek extra income. 

The Best Network Marketing Supplement Companies :

Once you make the decision to become a direct sales entrepreneur, your most important decision is which company to affiliate with. If you’ve already determined that the network marketing products you want to recommend are dietary supplements, now it’s time to generate a list of criteria you are looking for. That list might look something like this:

Product quality 

Stability of the company and their products

Depth of the product line

Scientific evidence

Unique selling proposition

Corporate culture

Company policies like guarantees, free shipping, discounts etc.

Compensation plan


Univera.  This is the hidden gem hiding in plain sight. It is privately held and owned by Bill Lee, a philanthropic, visionary, South Korean billionaire. It benefits from investing over $100 million into research and discovery over the last 20 years. The Science engine behind Univera is its sister company UniGen Laboratories. Also owned by Mr. Lee. Their mission is to bring the best of medicinal plant-based, scientific formulations to humankind.

The Univera product line is unique, proprietary, comprehensive and above all, protected by a massive portfolio of patents and patents pending. The combined companies hold the world’s largest functional medicinal plant library. They have a staff of 50 full time scientists dedicated to cracking the code of human biological function and longevity.  

The corporate culture is based on Serve First and Servant Leadership. Their hybrid compensation plan pays out equally at all levels of business growth and their timing is immaculate. This $100,000,000 per year company is on the verge of international expansion.

We've been top leaders in this company for over 15 years - if you're looking for a  stable home with awesome products, contact us!  We build teams online - no coffee shop meetings, hotel meetings, commuting.  Just weekly webcasts from the comfort of your home.

This article was published on 09.08.2019 by Karen Kronauer
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