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No Sign up cost! LIFE TREE WORLD - Earn from your weekly shopping!

I currently have a space in my team that will require no sign up fee. That means you have a chance to sign up with LIFE TREE WORLD (LTW)  for FREE! (usually £35.00 as it is currently only based in the UK)

The best part about LTW is that there is no selling required, and you are buying trusted branded names that you would buy in a supermarket. You are rewarded for your shop and can do anything with the products you purchase! (I personally take mine to the food bank)

Joining LTW is a business opportunity but that doesn't mean you will be on your own. we have a strong team of leaders and we all work together as the reward structure is based on the teams success as opposed to how well you do as an individual!

We have checked and LTW currently has no conflicts of interest with MLM companies so you can be part of our team if you have already joined another MLM.

Our team constantly add new tools and are always available for 3-way phone calls and other means of contact to ensure you do your best with LTW and will always be happy to speak to new prospects or yourself if your unsure.

What you must do to be rewarded.

1. You must become active. That means purchasing 100.00 points worth of products from LTW per month (roughly between £165.00 to £200.00)

2. Get qualified - You need to have 2 people sign up under your details and become active in the same month as you to get qualified. This only needs to happen once! then you are qualified for life! 

Great now you are eligible to the rewards!

All rewards are explained in the videos on the team website below and there are some fantastic offers just because you got your monthly shopping! but I'll leave you with a brief overview:

Team Building Bonuses

1. Team bonus sign up 3 people and get them all to sign 1 person (or you can put a person in there team)  make sure they get 100.00 points worth of shopping and you will receive £200.00 back (I did this in my first month, for my first MLM I'd say that's not bad, and I was and still do work full time) 

2. Have the 3 members below you each repeat the above steps and you will get £750.00 for being a team leader. (don't worry if someone joins but doesn't go active, if another member in the team does and they are below them then great because LTW operates a no blockage system to ensure that the individual business owners are still rewarded!

3. Keep repeating the process and you will and your team will continue to earn (the reward brackets are all in explained on the team website)

Profit Share

1. Get Qualified

2. Consecutively earn 100.00 points per month for 3 months

3. you will now be rewarded with a share of the company profits and if you stay active every month after then you will continue to get the profit share!

Next month will be my first month receiving profit share so I can't give you a rough guide of how much you might receive!

Overriding Residual Income

1. Get active & Get Qualified

2. Everyone under your team (Down to 10 levels deep) will now reward you with a percentage of there points. there is an analysed diagram that explains this further on the team website.

3. You will now be rewarded for a "commission" on everyone's purchase in your team.

If you would like to know more please check out our teams website and get back to me on here or over email or Facebook my details are below.

Ashly Eggleden

This article was published on 21.06.2016 by Ashly Eggleden
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