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Attention HOME OWNERS, are you tired of paying those high power bills and looking for a way to not only pay those bills but make those bills pay YOU ? 

THEN try SOLAR PANELS from Apricot Solar.

We take an educational approach to helping clients make the wise decision for a better quality of life with more than a little extra CASH leftover. The days of power overages are a thing of the past with an APRICOT SOLAR SYSTEM. 

NO COST TO INSTALL and the company also gives away a free home alarm system.

As a Fortune 5000 company with A+ better business bureau rating, you will be more than satisfied as a HOMEOWNER.

As an added bonus the company offers a handsome referral fee of $1000 for every HOME OWNER you personally refer.

There are NO APPLICATION FEES Or COST EVER to get the leverage you need to save an estimated $200,000 with a 25 year time frame.

In a nutshell, the SOLAR PANELS could pay for themselves in a 2 year time frame with just 4 referrals a month.

Apricot SOLAR is projected to pay it's referral agents 1 BILLION dollars in the next 5 years.

This truly is an opportunity of a lifetime for those who have invested hundreds thousands, or millions on worthless products, pills, potions and lotions.

Over 98 million HOME OWNERS in AMERICA do NOT have Solar and by 2035 the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT will make it mandatory for all new HOMES built in the US to have Solar.

Only 2% of AMERICANS have Solar power and the Amazing thing is that the SUNS POWER is FREE!

TO SCHEDULE A FREE CONSULTATION YOU MUST BE A HOME OWNER with a Valid ID and current power bill dating back to the Initial connection for you the OWNER.

REMEMBER Apricot SOLAR does not guarantee you will earn any income without the proper training and attitude as a BUSINESS OWNER.

- MUST CALL TO SCHEDULE SOLAR POWER APPOINTMENT and OR BUSINESS Opportunity at the number below and leave a message with first and last name, state, and email to schedule appt

(910) 348-2140

Today is the time to change your mindset and prepare for a Financial Future based upon a solid product that every HOME OWNER needs, hardly any HOME OWNER has, and every HOME OWNER can afford. 

Make the call NOW and set up an appointment!

(910) 348-2140

Have you ever wondered why the really significant changes have happened for certain people... It's because they took advantage of an opportunity and did not procrastinate.

Don't Waste time with those who have no plan but take action with Apricot SOLAR for a brighter FUTURE for everyone involved. Not to mention the lucrative CASH FLOW of sharing this same information with Family, Neighbors, and Friends who all have the same problem of paying power bills and recieving nothing in return!

When you see the savings along with the opportunity, it will become more of a Priority to get started and create the life and solutions you as a HOME OWNER want and NEED!

Call me NOW and I, DEVON LEON BROOKS will get your appointment scheduled

This article was published on 01.05.2023 by Devon Leon Brooks
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