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Is There An Alternative to Fit Bit?

Fit Alternative

The standard.  The First to Market. The one you've all heard of.  

But is it really the one you should buy?  Enter HELO a globally available device not sold in stores.  Only available through distributors like me ( dketter ) and YOU!  The recently released new model, the HELO LX does all of the following and more:   EKG, Blood Pressure, Pulse, mood, steps taken, calories burned, mood sensor, fatigue sensor, blood sugar*, blood alcohol*,pO2, emergency GPS locator, panic button, body temperature*.  

*to be released in 2017

The parent company is WOR(l)D, a publicly traded entity with 15 offices throughout the world.  It is a global multi-million dollar company started by Fabio Galdi and experiencing incredible growth with additional products in the pipeline.   The current headquarters is in Miami and a fulfillment center in Utah.  There are major offices in Singapore, India, China, Russia, Ireland, Dubai, Tunisia, Brazil, Turkey, Thailand, Vietnam, Columbia, Paraguay, and Hong Kong.  

This gives folks the business opportunity to sell the device in a sales capacity but also in a business opportunity with a very generous compensation plan.  

What especially impressed me was the upgrade capacity and the focus on the company on more than just one product.  There are mineral and salt plate products which help reduce the exposure to electromagnetic radiation.  Small plates actually fit into the wristband and these wrist bands are now available in five different colors.   Furthermore, the data from the HELO can be downloaded and saved which allows you to store in the cloud and shared with whomever you may wish to share it with. 

Also, within the next 6 months, it's anticipated that a new cell phone product will be released with a three day battery life!  The HELO itself synchronizes with both apple and android platforms.  

The compensation plan has a binary structure without requirements for monthly re-qualification requirements.  A residual income is also part of the program with the Loyalty program which includes a replacement protection plan, a 1000 person capacity webinar conference capability, and a large cloud for data storage.  One of the coolest things is the fast start bonus which at 10% and continues indefinitely for the members of the Loyalty program. 

Just to give you a sense of what can be expected from this company is the speed with which new individuals can progress through their compensation plan.  Just this week, an individual who as recently as July 2016 was an UBER driver and just achieved qualification as a "Diamond Millionaire" with a sales volume of 1.2 Million Dollars!  That's less than six months.  Part of most NWM plans are car bonuses.  World Global has one too.  The significant difference is the type of car:  Rolls Royce, Lamborghini, or a Ferrari!  And not just a lease either.  World actually takes you on a shopping spree in Miami, buys the car and signs the total over to you!.

I don't know what you are marketing.  Juices, skin products, or nutraceuticals all have potential.  Still, none of them have the potential for the same rapid growth, a recognized wearable technology, and the ability to provide value to the customer like HELO does.   I suggest that you give it a serious investigation by CLICKING HERE.

This article was published on 26.01.2017 by Donald Ketterhagen
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