The FIRST Income Producing Virtual Reality Business Platform

GPS, the very first Income Producing Virtual Reality Business Platform has arrived.  Discover the evolution of home-based business.  Be anywhere, go anywhere, all from the comfort of wherever you are.

 This virtual reality tech company just launched in Japan in January and began pre-launch in America on April 27th.  They are having tremendous success in Korea and Japan and now working on doing the same here in the USA.  Since it's launch there are already to approximately 20,000 members with more joining daily.   

Imagine touring Paris, tasting wine in Italy, skiing in the Alps, Diving with the stingrays in the deep blue ocean,  going to a concert and sitting right up front, sky diving, attending meetings face to face, training side by side fitness trainers, learning dance many adventures await.  You have seen virtual reality and have heard of it however do you know anyone with a device? It's like when cell phones first came to us from phone booths to phones plugged into cigarette ports in our card to flip phones, Nextel phones, to what we have today in smartphones.  This is the future, this is now.  Realtors are showing homes virtually and this takes it to an entirely new level,  new home subdivisions are beginning to have virtual homes to "walk through" to choose cabinets floorings an amenities.  

Imagine being one of the founding members of a billion-dollar company.  Just think if you'd have bought Facebook in the beginning, or invested in Airbnb or Uber.  This is your opportunity.  The founding members are those who catch the vision and join us during pre-launch.  It's officially launching in the USA on June first, 2020. 

Even if you are currently promoting another home business that you are passionate about we invite you to join us.  Soon you could be having your team meetings all on virtual reality, how awesome is that.  Be ahead of the curve.  One day you will look back and smile, realizing that you were there at the beginning. 

"If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes - then learn how to do it later" Richard Branson

Here are two great information videos to watch that will explain more.

This article was published on 07.05.2020 by Linda Youngsma
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Global Platform Solutions - New Technology, 99 USD to join

Member comments:

Ken Allison Hi Linda, VR is the future so give it your best shot. I live in the UK, can you keep me updated on GPS so I can be ready when they launch here  6 months ago
Robin Rhein Thanks Linda, Nice Update.  6 months ago
Bertil Axelsson What really is the uniqueness of this business? I'm slow in catching on! Sorry!  6 months ago

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