I'm super excited today because I've got another idea to shear with you today.

In our last training I pointed out why you should own a blog for your business be it free one or a paid one. I was able to point out few things you can do with a blog to get you in front of thousands prospects

In today's training I'll be shearing with you how to keep your blog alive.

I was advising one of my business partners in my seminar centre at my place on advantages of owning a blog if he wanted building his network marketing business online 

Guess what his answer was???

" I don't think I can do it, i hate writing and it may take a long time to start seeing results".

That was his response... yea I couldn't agree with Him less. Many people won't begin a blog because no one enjoys writing all the time. But the truth is that if you intend to build a great team online, you have to learn how. Because money is in content.

In this training you will learn how to keep your blog Alive by publishing content regularly.

Firstly you've got to know that network marketing business is a profession on its own and if you want to earn millions from this industry, uv got to treat it as such. You've got to become a professional.

Becoming a professional simply means learning everything you can about network marketing industry and the only way that you will devout your time to learning everything you can is when you understand that you will be doing network marketing until you die.

With this mindset you will always be exposed to different network marketing trainings and information and your duty is to transfer these trainings to those you have brought into your team.

You can train your team through different ways either in a group chat on WhatsApp, Facebook page, groups, YouTube channels , blog post , forums e.t.c

But keeping it in perspective, if you are training your team members using a WhatsApp group chat, you are expected to copy your trainings and blog about them same thing with a live Facebook training, you may decide to transcribe it and blog about it.

It's simple. Here is how to go about it 

Train your team members once a week, copy your trainings edit it and publish on your blog 

Here are the benefits when you adopt this technique;

1) your team members will always be inspired and motivated as a result of your trainings.

2) you will transfer your enthusiasm to your team members to do more in their network marketing business. 

3) the only way you retain most of the information you have learned is by teaching, so teaching your team members all you have learned,  will make you retain alot of information in the process.

4) you will always have what to publish on your blog with this , your blog will always be active, it will rank faster on Google and you will start attracting tons of traffics to yourself.

5) by always publishing on your blog, you will have the confidence that you are really going pro in network marketing industry. Remember that your blog is a lifetime assest.

Final thoughts

Once you learn more, you can always teach your team members and you are not to let your trainings be a one time training.

Copy your trainings and publish on your blog. If you did this you will never worry about what to publish on your blog.

Hope this tip was helpful decide to go pro in your business and keep on keeping on

Make the rest of your life the best of your life.

Are you a network marketing blogger?? What is your experience so far? Do you agree with my tip? How have you been keeping your blog active?? Kindly drop a comment below I'll like to hear from you.


This article was published on 07.07.2019 by Mac-Francis Ekpenyong
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