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Rotate Your Way to $7K/Day!

We know ... You love your company. You are going to be paid more than $7K/Day from your company. 

Are you earning that yet? 

How long is it going to take you to achieve $7K/day with your existing business or opportunities and what are you doing to get there?

Do you actually have a plan? Do you understand digital marketing well enough to get there, or are you just "hoping" you'll meet a few people here on MLM Gateway who are better at marketing than you, and that they'll join your business and you'll be done? 

That's not a plan.

That's just hope.

At ComePlayTheGame we are a collaborative collective of like-minded network marketers who are taking a proactive collaborative approach to creating leveraged income through team building. 

Here's the scenario: To earn $7k/day, you need to fill a 3x3 matrix.

Now, you could just go find 3 people to join and hope they find 3 people each. That's what most people do, and that's why people hate MLM. They think it doesn't work, because they didn't work. They just "hoped" they'd find those right people who would duplicate. And it doesn't happen like that. 

To find 3 people who are going to duplicate you have to personally sign up at least 30 ... and most often, even more than that. Because most people will be customers and NOT promote at all.

So, instead of signing you up and telling you to "go find 3 people and then help them find 3 people" our club works collaboratively to actually help make that happen for everyone. 

First, we don't approach people who aren't interested in the money-side. 

We're a money-making club made up of professional network marketers like you (or like you want to be) who are ACTIVELY working to create reliable streams of income. 

We also don't expect people to join our business opportunities or buy our products. So whether you're into healthy living, CBD, or expensive water making machines, you can promote YOUR business as part of the club, but ALSO make money from those who don't join and only join the club.

Once you're a member of the club (which is free to join), your referral link for the $7k/day business is added to our club's rotator that is linked to all of the "join the club" links through the site.

Anyone clicking any of the "join the club" links throughout the web site ... no matter where they come from ...  is given to the newest person on the team who still needs 3 personal referrals.

Once someone has 3 personal referrals, their link is removed. 

We also don't expect every team member who comes in to understand digital marketing ... so we teach them. And as they learn, their efforts will help their team members and so on.

Everyone gets better at marketing. More traffic comes through the site. All the new members can get into an earning position even as they are just learning the business.

Plus, every member gets their own page to promote WITH THEIR BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES.

This provides additional leverage for ALL club members. You may be promoting a competing company or product but still helping the people in the club who are promoting other things, too.

ALL of us promoting one url, instead of all our separate business sites ... creates massive traffic leverage that will help the club continue to grow for years to come.

How many people do you see on MLM Gateway who are here saying they aren't interested in joining your opportunity?

50%? More?

Sadly, sites like this, while they can be very helpful ways to find like-minded people who have the dream to create real residual recurring income ... can also be frustrating. People connect with you only to pitch their company and not even take a look at yours.

Well, what if you could help THEM find their customers, WHILE you are promoting YOUR business? 


If you understand SEO, you'll see the potential of this. The power of everyone working together to help every company and business and person achieve their dreams. 

When we stop looking at each other as competition or someone we NEED to JOIN our awesome perfect best company ... and instead start looking for ways OUR efforts HELP others find their customers, we can truly make an impact.

Learn how YOU can create additional income ... just for promoting YOUR businesses as part of a collaborative club of like-minded people at

This article was published on 10.03.2021 by Gayanna 'g' Magcosta
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Come Play the Game - Blockchain Solutions, Free to join

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