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Change can be hard but it can be good

New year, new beginnings and the best time to try a different kind of beverage. Are you willing to change your brand of coffee, tea and hot coco to a more superior brand which not only taste great but also offers you a health benefit. Welcome to Ganoderma infused everyday beverages like coffee, tea and more. Boost your immune systems, regulate your blood sugar levels, have better blood circulation and so much more health benefits from this medicinal mushroom.

 If you enjoy coffee or tea for breakfast, lunch and even at dinner time, then this is for you! There are many benefits from drinking caffeine in moderation, however I have been experiencing headaches and at times feeling nausea after drinking my favorite brand of coffee. I would have to stop my coffee intake for a few days and like always, when I feel better go back to my cup of Joe!

I was introduced to coffee infused with Ganoderma. I bought a box and at first, the coffee tasted different as there is less caffeine and less sugar in each serving of this Ganoderma coffee. My meals have not changed! Yet after about  my 12th cup of healthy coffee, I noticed that my jeans which was a bit tight around my waist was a little baggy.  I now have to buy a size 34 since a 36 is to lose. This is great!

I am able to have a cup of coffee at night time and this makes me sleep better and as a result, I no longer feel tired in the morning. I feel energized and ready to do things. This change has made a positive impact on my life. I not only enjoy the coffee, but I also enjoy the tea. I prefer to have the tea as ice tea. The taste is just right. 

I was so impressed with the beverages, that I signed up to the business. Today, I am an affiliate or business builder with DXN International. I was surprised that the membership is a one time low investment, no renewal fess and the best part is that I now buy my monthly products from my own website. These include, the coffee, tea, toothpaste, shampoo, face soap, cereal and more. The company rewards me for changing my brand, for taking care of my health and for sharing these with others (family and friends).

If ever you wanted to be in the coffee industry, this is a perfect time! Do you have $54 one time? If you are open minded and wanting to try something new, then I invite you to start here   This is my membership code 821922748 This will allow us to be business partners!

Do you know people who drink coffee, tea or hot coco? Help people to change their current brand to a more superior brand, which offers health benefits to people living with Diabetes or wanting to lose weight.  A better option to energy drinks!

Imagine if your family and friends, all changed their shopping habits and this goes global all because of you and sharing this with others with the intention of helping others to have optimal health, how much more will the company reward you. Make the world a healthier place! Help people to generate an income and reduce the poverty trend all across the globe. Are you ready to throw your stone in the bond and watch as the ripple moves and gets bigger as it moves across the pond.

Welcome to DXN International! Take care of your health! Help others to do the same. Live your best life today. To start your journey in this health beverage industry, open here!

This article was published on 04.01.2022 by Jose Julius
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