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Rapid Weight loss 4500 IR's globally No diet plan No Exercise, I lost 37lbs fast


My name is Pat Hamer. I live in rural mountain area of the Sierra Nevada's population 1200. I do online marketing in between my real estate custom home development contracting business. I love marketing products that create a paradigm shift in my life. Usually I find emerging phenomenon that may be difficult to sell, because it requires the prospect to have the education, or become teachable. Teachable people are hard to find!  But I am usually better than average, and this is revealed in the pins, or sales volume incentives that I have one. 

After a major surgery, I could not exercise, and I gained 50 lbs, and climbing. O lost 20 last year dieting, but I couldn't keep it up for some reason. Due the inactivity caused by the eight month recovery after the surgery, when I would attempt to work or work out, I would receive soft tissue injuries that would put me back physically farther and farther. This had never happened before, and I wonder if anyone can relate, as I'm in my mid 50s. 

I really needed some cutting edge help, yeah like lap band stomach surgery!  I know people who have died from complications to that surgery. So I figured might as well be a heart attack My blood pressure went from 120s/70s to high 140s/90s. My doctor said Diabetes was just around the corner due to blood tests. Apparently, in the nick of time a friend introduced me to a diet product. I bought it, and did not market it. I didn't want to market it. That is until I started taking it and I lost 20 lbs in 2 months. Ironically, and perhaps unbelievable to some, I did no exercise, nor did I painstakingly follow a diet plan! The key was that this product removed desire to over-eat! I am calmer, and clarity of thought including a better night sleep, plus great clean energy are by products, as well as newly found discretionary income! 

So I put a before and after picture up. Not the one here, but another one when I only lost 20 lbs. about 12 people signed up, and I started getting commission that would nearly pay my mortgage the first month. For the first time in my network affiliate marketing career, I didn't have to bug people by calling them. I would get an email stating so and so signed up and ordered this pack or that pack! I was blown away. 

This company is just over a year, and they survived! Right now, according to the owner who has been calling me up and chit chatting as he often does, there are about 4500 reps, and that's it. I know I took on about 400 in August on one of my two teams, which is about 100K BV!  It pays unlimited depth with a 25% direct fast start. There are seven ways you get paid! My pal made diamond in about 7 months and double diamond a month later! I've only been marketing for 2 months, and I'm nearly an emerald. This is a ground floor company, where more wealth can be made versus being in a saturated company. 

Okay, like I said, no diet plan or exercise is required for this product. All the other products I saw clearly caveat users by stating "with exercise, diet, and use of this product" weight loss can occur." Our product doesn't say that anywhere! It's so stupidly simple, and carefree, the weight just falls off!  I started at 254 lbs in June, and now not quite mid October, I've lost 37 lbs. 

I'd love to work with like-minded marketers whom enjoy network marketing along with the lifestyle, and that includes personal development! 

Take the free tour here! That's right, one or two cups of this coffee per day, and you automatically lose weight, at least I have and many of my client customers! Give it few months and people will join based upon your before and after pics from social media! That is a first for me!

This article was published on 13.10.2015 by Pat Hamer
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