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Are you selling online? Are you promoting things other people sell online?

Here, you can do either, or both, if you choose! 

First, let me explain the ECA program. As an E-Commerce Affiliate, (ECA) all your listings are FREE, and there is no limit to the amount of listings you can post! You will also get your own FREE website, to promote any way YOU wish. You have the option to sell globally if it's feasible, and you choose to. You will have over a million affiliates, through SFI, marketing, and, or, buying your products! (Me being one of them for certain! I focus on promoting all my ECAs products before any other!) All payment transactions are handled by the company, to protect from fraudulence. When you make a sale, you will be notified to ship! The one and only fee you pay is a small commission for the sale. Who does this, you ask?  TripleClicks does! If you'd like to sell more, sell globally, and have advertising done for you, follow this link

 Taking the chance is FREE and could be very rewarding! 

Second, is for internet marketers. SFI has a great compensation plan! IT IS NOT a get quick rich scheme! The beauty of this, is that you don't have to spend money to make money! You do, however, have to spend time if you want to succeed! And, if you have money to spend, that's great, and may get you farther faster, to a degree, but isn't necessary OR a REQUIREMENT, EVER! As an SFI affiliate, your main goal is to promote TripleClicks sales, recruiting a downline to do the same, and, E-Commerce Associates who have products to sell. You earn royalties for life from ECA's, by the way, and, If an E-Commerce Associate decides to become an SFI affiliate, they are in your downline also! It is a Home-Business, that is YOURS to build, with no monetary or time restrictions OR requirements, EVER! If you've never been involved with internet marketing before, that's ok! SFI has FREE training!

As I said before, this is not a get rich quick scheme! It only works if you do! And to be blunt, don't waste your time, or mine, if you are just a "tire kicker"! 

~by the way, when you sign up an E-Commerce Associate, and/or a TripleClicks customer who doesn't want be an affiliate, you get royalties from their sales/purchases for life! It isn't a one time thing!~

Peace ~n~Love 

Maggie Mae

This article was published on 17.05.2016 by Maggie Whaley
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