My 3 top Tips for 2016 PART III

When you register with any MLM program you like to know that there is a legitimate and successful company behind it. You always hope that it will be sustainable and keep on running (Especially true if you're doing well and making good money from it). My 3rd choice in this series is one of the most successful programs in the world and yet many have never heard of it. It has been in operation for well over 4 years now and has over 800,000 members, and it is based in Russia. I have been with this company for about 7 months now and netted a return of over $220,000 (and growing). It's name?

Whole World

Whole World is actually a part of a charity foundation and helps seriously ill children whose families can't afford expensive medical treatments and procedures and 50% of all money paid in by members goes to this cause. Whole World has saved literally hundreds of childrens lives since their inception. So the first 'Feelgood' factor about joining Whole World is that you are actually helping people who need it and being rewarded in turn for your efforts.

Whole World has an annual fee (not monthly) of just $100 plus $5 admin fee. $50 of that goes to the charity fund and the other $50 is divided among your up line. There are many payment options to suit everybody and equally as many cash out out options and you can cash out at any time. I have set up a page on my website with explainer videos about what they do and how it works so i will put that link at the end and if you like it you can click from there to sign up.

They also allow you to create your own affiliate link as well as using their own affiliate link (This is why when you see someone promoting Whole World their link can be unique to them (Mine is All in all Whole World is a superb example of how an MLM company should be run. They even have a "Business Machine" Which is a rotator for the hundreds of sign ups they get direct on their main site every day. For a small fee you can use the BM for a month and get loads of sign ups without lifting a finger.

They are transparent (You can check out the company page and see directors etc.). They post news events regularly and have plenty of bonuses competitions etc. So far I can't fault them and they have returned a huge profit on my first $105 payment.

Whole World

To be a "Business Benefactor" of Whole World is simple: Just register using the link below above or below. It costs $5.00 to activate your account and then you should donate $100 to Whole World. $50.00 of this will go directly to the charity whilst the other $50.00 is split between the people above you in your 'team'. Then you become a "Business Benefactor" and you can share the opportunity with your friends, family, in fact anyone who wants to help others and make a substantial second income. When someone registers with you, you will receive $10.00 and for everyone that registers through them $5.00. Watch the videos at the link below to see exactly how it works and then register today to start your new life being rewarded for helping those who need it.

To see the videos and sign up go to my website CLICK HERE or use the link above and I am very sure you will join my massive team. The beauty of Whole World is that most people who land there simply join because of what they do. It's a win/win scenario. You get rewarded by helping others.

Be successful always guys

John (Bali John)

This article was published on 19.05.2016 by John Ward
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