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I turned my Weight Loss Story into a Million Dollars...looking for New Stories!

Hi everyone!

My name is Pam McCray, and I’m known as a Stay-at-Home Mom that went Mompreneur!  I am a mother of 4, grandmother of 1, wife to my amazing husband and business partner Nate for 30 years, and a daughter to my dad who is 95.  I am blessed!  I was once very shy, did not believe in myself or fully know what my purpose was.  I always wanted to win in direct sales & network marketing because I experienced growing up with my parents in the industry, and I knew it offered many possibilities.   My husband and I tried many companies for over 20 years, failed at all of them because for one, I allowed fear to get in the way.  I later realized the importance of growing mentally, personally and spiritually.  Once I realized who I was, which is “Created For Greatness” a shift began to happen in my life.  I then began to understand it was all a part of my process and that I did not fail, but instead I failed forward and it was all a part of what I needed to learn to be where we are today.  

Our story briefly...

Nate was an Engineer for over 25 years.  In 2014, after stepping out on faith and moving our family to Miami, Corporate America failed our family and let him go.  It was a season in which we found ourselves bankrupt, broke, lost every vehicle, were renting cars, but we knew we had to do something different to have something different.  When the job let him go, it was during the holiday season of 2014.  There was no money for Thanksgiving & we realized Corporate America didn’t care whether we ate, had Christmas gifts or a roof over our heads.  By January of 2015, we were homeless unable to pay the rent of where we had moved in to.  

However, I said YES!  In November of 2014 to a pack of tea, that I heard would help me to lose 5 lbs in 5 days.  I didn’t believe it and by now was beginning to lose hope in the industry of network marketing.  Prior to becoming a stay-at-home mom, my background was Finance and Real Estate, so my plans were to go back to selling homes.   I kept the tea for 2 weeks before I even tried it.  Once I drank this tea, which is an all natural detox tea, I realized it actually worked!  I began to share my weightloss story on social media, because my friends and family did not want to hear about anything else from me lol!  I lost 20 lbs, basically belly fat, my stomach went flat flat and my story exploded.  It was the top of the year, when everyone has that as their #1 New Years lose weight! That story and I’m sharing my own personal story and add this income disclaimer...I worked my butt off and results not typical, but I realized I’m not typical...I turned it into 22k in 60 days.  I realized this company was the vehicle God had given me to help change lives, because our stories are much bigger than Weightloss.  We are on a mission to bring back health to the world!  In 7 months, I earned 250k.  My husband Nate, in the beginning was there by my side, helping to ship out tea and helped in any way as things exploded, but was done with the industry as I started.  He was still looking for another job.  At 7 months, he realized that if I could do this, together we could explode.  We doubled our income in the next few months and became documented 7-Figure Industry Earners in 17 months.  Now Multi-Million Dollar earners, we continue to share health and wealth with our amazing products!  Now also tapping into the CBD industry, there’s another wave of success that continues to happen as we build teams around the world.  

We are looking for people in 2020, who want physical and/or financial freedom.  Our Vision is to Impact 20,000 people physically & financially in 2020.  If you are looking for a way to lose weight, just be healthy, and/or make some money in 2020, we would love to connect with you.  Change is just one YES away!  

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This article was published on 02.01.2020 by Nate & Pam McCray
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Total Life Changes - Weight loss, Health, 200 USD to join

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