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Are we witnessing the death of the MLM / Network Marketing Industry?

Why are major MLM / Network Marketing companies, companies that are 10, 20 & 30 plus years old seeing dramatic decline in their sales, in a time and economy where their sales should be increasing!

Is it because of a new kid on the block that has rewrote and totally changed how this business is done in the industry?

Well Maybe, but they are only in prelaunch!

I suggest the real reason is because the industries products have become much too expensive!

Look, if I was to ask you what you disliked about the industry, one of your major objections would be, the Products are too Expensive and you can’t afford to keep buying them, even though you realize how good the products are, and how good they are for you!

Statistics show that the average person in the MLM / Network Marketing industry buys the products for 2.8 months before they cancel.

(I have always cried when people were quitting faster than I could recruit them!)

I always thought, if you could price the products competitively with the retail industry, you would keep most of your associates.

But, when the products cost 3 to 4 times more than the retail industry, it doesn’t matter how you try to explain how much better they are, people simply can’t afford them.

Especially if they joined in the first place to make money, not to end up spending more than they are making!

Well, this is all about to change, in fact it has already started, and how quickly you react, will depend on whether you to survive and thrive, or become another failed MLM, or Network Marketer, never to be heard of again.

What if I was to tell you that this “New Kid on the Block” is selling the “Highest Quality Products” that are priced to compete with Costco, Walmart, etc.

You are probably laughing right now, but let me show you a simple example of our member prices:

• Bio-Active Complete Multi-Vitamin for Men (or Women) $9.95 – I pay more than that at Walmart!

• 750 mg CBD oil – Member Price $18.00. This is of the Highest Quality, matches and beats any currently on the market for only $18.00

• Healthy Organic Weight Management Coffee with Mushrooms 6.01 oz (172.5g) - $17.95

Have I got your attention?

This is an easy sell to people already buying these products and paying higher prices. Easy!

In fact, the whole program is an easy sell, because this new company knows what they are doing.

They have made it so easy to share and build your business.

First and before most, they have an excellent video that explains this new business and then they let you sign up “for free” by “Reserving your Position” and checking out your back office and all the products and prices.

Now I know most of you are very happy with the company you currently with, and I understand that!

But to know about this New Company before your downline or friends start asking about it, is always a good idea!

And the best way is to “Reserve Your Position” for free (no credit cards required) and watch the video (several times, if you are like me) and see how low these prices really are.

Remember how AmWay said, don’t buy “Retail” instead buy from your own store and save!

Well to me it seemed like a lie, it always cost more buying directly from AmWay!

Well with this new company you can save money!

I recommend you check out this “The New Company” now!

Please know, you are always welcome to email or text me, should you have any questions:

All the very best in 2023


Richard J Rose


Text: 403-635-8333

This article was published on 04.01.2023 by Richard Rose
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