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How to Retain Team Members in Your MLM Opportunity

So maybe you're getting a decent amount of enrollments and your team is growing each week. Your monthly income is likely seeing bigger climbs and things are looking up.

But then people start dropping out...

They quit without so much as a warning.

And you're wondering why that might be the case.

Most networkers usually drop out within their first 90 days or so.

A big culprit to that?

This may be a result of not having a system in place for people to implement into their business.

Now most people will say "but my company already has a marketing system."

That usually means having pre-built landing pages, funnels and some sort of follow-up sequence.

There's only one problem...

Literally everyone in that company is using that same system and getting mixed results.

I expect people to say that "it's based on each person's individual effort and how often they use it."

And yeah they'd be right.

But I'll also argue that when too many affiliates use the same system for the same company, they just end up looking the same amongst each other.

And let's face it, most people want something that's going to make a big impact on their business.

The reason why some affiliates can retain more of their recruits in the long run, is because of the fact that they provide their teammates with something more than just what the company gives them.

Things like coaching, mentoring, courses etc.

But how about an actual system that can do such things as generate daily leads, give those leads a big incentive to join your business and even PAY you for sharing that same system with your recruits?

What if you had a system that:

  • gives you access to hundreds of networking leads per day
  • a platform to where you can broadcast your business to those leads
  • access to additional multiple income streams
  • you can share with your teammates so they can start experiencing the same benefits and grow their business even faster?

Do you think they'd go anywhere if they had something like that?

Do you think it'd worth it for them to leave or quit if they knew they couldn't get this same system anywhere else?

Then ladies and gentlemen let me introduce to you The Perpetual Enrollment Machine or PEM for short.

PEM was designed for networkers like you, wanting to grow their teams and their monthly income in mind.

Inside, you'll be given access to a 5-part video series. Each of which will provide you with the tools you need that will automate most of your business for you.

This will include your own lightning fast marketing platform, your own built in follow-up sequence for your leads and a couple of sources for generating from 100-200 networking leads per day!

And each of these tools will also provide you an additional income stream for simply sharing them with either your team members, or even people outside of your own company!

You'll also be given a free course at the end that will help you finalize the setup process so your machine is ready to go.

You ready to start enrolling more people into your networking business and keeping more affiliates on board with a system that nobody else on the market currently has?

See if the Perpetual Enrollment Machine can benefit you and your networking business!
This article was published on 29.05.2020 by Kevin Williams
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