Largest Transfer of Wealth in US History is Happening Now

This is from the article “Energy Deregulation,” by Warren Buffett Forbes Magazine The Largest Transfer Of Wealth 

A few decades ago, options among Telecom & Energy suppliers were not available. The Telecom & Energy in each state was virtually monopolized. This meant that people had to take the essential services that were in their location, at the price was offered. The Deregulation of Telecom & Energy has changed this and given the power to the people.

We are changing the lives of tens of tens of thousands of people all over the world, allowing people to have time and money together through a simple business model, creating residual income. We have a complete mentoring system in place to help you every step along the way.

You don’t need to know anything about telecom & energy. We have people from all walks of life, from construction workers, doctors, nurses, cab drivers, lawyers; I was a new car dealer.

We are the world largest in direct sales of Telecom & Energy and other essentials services. Remember that in all cycles of the economy these essential services will always be in big demand.

We provide a real value to people with the latest technologies including wireless, internet and energy services globally. We are not only the worlds largest direct sellers of telecommunications in the world we are an Inc 500 Company and have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Working from home saves time and money. No office expenses, no commute expenses, no employees, no accounts payable or accounts receivables, no inventories, no cold calls, and you choose your own hours. And you can write your own check. I have the business of the future and I can help you. We provide essential services in 27 countries around the world, we have no inventory or monthly quotas to work for each and every month and we are now expanding into Alberta, Canada. Our emphasis in Alberta is gas and electricity. Our energy company Xoom energy saves people money or makes people money, it is their choice. These essential services produce a residual income each month, as people pay their bills. The residual income business then has a value that is willable, transferable or sellable. My burning desire is to help other people reach any level of the business they desire as fast as they want.

So if are looking for a business opportunity you owe it to yourself to look around and compare to help you make an intelligent decision.

This article was published on 30.08.2020 by Vito Frescas
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