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5 Reasons To Engage In Online Business

You are probably conditioned to having job.  Certainty of having paycheck is comforting but not necessarily satisfying.  You need to get extra cash flow coming to you to pay your bills.  Getting another job is not feasible.  You probably contemplated starting online business over the years. But something is holding you back or you fear that you may fail.  You are holding back because you are not expert.  You may also think that you do not have any business idea(s).

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It does not matter what stage of life you are in.  You need to take initial step even if it is just a side hustle while you have a day job.  There are 5 reasons for engaging in Online business.

Work from Anywhere and Anytime

Most likely you are commuting to you job, which is biggest waste of time.  When it comes to online business, you can work from anywhere wherever you can connect to internet.  It can be at your home or your in-laws’ home.  You can work anytime. But you will have to make earnest effort.

Worldwide Reach

You can access people within the United States and anywhere in the world.  This is important because it opens new frontier if you wish to travel- for vacation or for exploring the outside world.  Interestingly, you will be able to write off your vacation trip as business expense deductions (consult your accountant).

Can start earning quickly with very low cost

There are many online business opportunities that are “FREE”, but there are costs associated with business.  But they are extremely low.  However, you need not have money to get into most online business.  It is very possible that you can start earning quickly.  Note that you will have to make earnest effort to earn.

Earning at your pace

Online business venture enables you to earn as much or as little you want to earn.  You determine the pace.  If you are having regular job and you need extra $500 per month, you can stop your efforts without having any impact.  Depending on what opportunities you engage in, you will have an idea how to pursue your income goal.

Income Flexibility

As you immerse in online business activities, you will learn there are three ways you can earn.  The first, most important, you will earn due to your own efforts and will depend on what product/service you will promote.  When customer buys, you will get commission.  Your revenue will depend on the number of sales.  

Then there is a way to get residual income- your client procures on certain frequency.  That is, they buy when the supply is consumed or need on a monthly basis.  For example, your client may reorder vitamin pills, or your client may subscribe to monthly membership.

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It is possible you could get rewarded for referring other people into the system you are enrolled in.  You will get paid for every transaction by your referral.

These are great reasons to start your own online business.  It is understandable that doing nothing is much easier.  But to attain financial freedom, YOU will need to start.  Sooner the better.

This article was published on 29.07.2019 by Prakash Kunjeer
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