I Reveal How I Get 200+ Targeted Leads A Day Guaranteed!

As business owners, we are always looking for new and creative ways to get our businesses in front of the right people and the right audiences, right? However, sometimes this goal can prove to be difficult at times. This is why I am willing to share with you just how I am able to not only put my business in front of the right people but how I am able to do this on a consistent daily basis EFFORTLESSLY!

My experience in Marketing

So as for a little about me, I got involved in marketing a couple of years back around 2013/2014.  I use to struggle badly to get leads, and keep my business in front of people, let alone be able to make money online.  Let's just say it really SUCKED! In fact it sucked so bad, that I almost gave up. I ran across scam after scam, lost money, you name it. However, this all stopped once I took the time and opportunity to do the proper research and learn as much about the industry as I could, not only so I could benefit, but also so that I could help others who were or are struggling in their businesses the same way I used to. As of today, I am a lot more successful in my online marketing and am always looking to help others gain the same if not more success!

So how do I get 200 Leads per day?

So now that I have informed you of a little about my experience in marketing, I know you are wondering how is it that I am able to get 200 leads per day? Well, I will just cut straight to the chase and say it comes down to working smarter not harder. Since I have started getting my hands on all the right tools that makes marketing my business easier, it has added a boost to my income. Therefore, what I would like to do is tell you about the exact tool that I use on a daily basis to keep my business in front of 200 or more leads. This program is called SMS Phone Leads. With this platform, I started out running text ad campaigns, and automated voicemail drops, which I was able to witness a lot of success with. However, they recently added a new feature called the SMS Blaster Tool. With this new tool, it enables you to be able to send out a text message, using their software, to 200 targeted leads everyday. These are leads that have asked to be matched with a business opportunity, and they will receive your ad and link to your business right on their mobile phone. Pretty cool right? Just think about it, EVERYONE is always on their mobile phone! What better way to put your business not only in front of the right people but also on a device that they keep handy at all times of the day?!

Other features of this system..

-A free mobile number to market your business

-100 starter credits to run any campaign of your choice

-Ringless voicemail drops

-Run text ad campaigns

-Blast your add to 200 Targeted Leads daily


Where is it available?

Currently this program is only available to those in the United States and Canada but will soon be made available worldwide.

Ready to get started and or learn more?

Click HERE to watch a direct video on the Blaster!

Click HERE to Learn about ALL the features of the system including the blaster!

To your success,

Whitney B.

This article was published on 19.10.2018 by Whitney Booker
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