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     Skyway-Capital is an organisation dealing with the construction of new generation of cars and trains. The projet is taking place in Russia and some Europeans countries. Skyway needs private investors and decide to have an MLM compensation plan which will permit members to gain from referral and at the same time gain from the share bought.                                                                                                                                                           

   You will get 26250 shares with $250 which is paid cash or in installment for the period of 10 months. The shares price is expected to be value at $1 on July 2017. So you can imagine your potential income every year if you bought share worth $500, $1000 or even $10,000.                                                                                                   

The compensation Plan                                                                                                                                                          

Its a linear matrix which permit you to have (PARTNERS GRADE)                                                                                   

15% of partners investment on Level 1                                                                                                                   

4% of partners investment on Level 2                                                                                                                        

2% of partners investment on Level 3                                                                                                                           

1% of partners investment on Level 4                                                                                                                       

For (CONSULTANT GRADE) Qualification is investment of $100                                                                

Level 1 (15%), Level 2 (5%), Level 3 (3%), Level 4 (2%), Level 5(1%)                                                                        

LEADER GRADE                                                                                                                                           

Personal investment of $200 or more and $200 investment on all your level 1                                 

level 1(15%), level 2 (7%), level 3 (5%), level 4 (3%), Level 5 (2%), Level 6 (1%)                                     

MASTER GRADE                                                                                                                                                    

level 1(15%), level 2 (7%), Level 3 (5%), Level 4 (4%), level 5 (3%), level 6 (1%), Level 7,8,and 9 (0.5%)

In other to earn more you money, you make sure your Private investment is more than $100. All others detail information about the project and the full compensation plan can be find on the website.

Registration is FREE of Charge, Only investment cost you money.

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For more info about the Project visit this

This article was published on 02.07.2016 by Oyeniran Abdul Matini
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