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What an EXCITING way to start a new career, and transition into the type of lifestyle I've always dreamed about. My name is Tammie Patton and I've spend the last 30 years in nursing. Although the profession is rewarding, I decided it is time to pass the torch to the next generation. Sounds like I see myself as over-the- hill and ready for retirement, right?  WRONG! 

My life IS just beginning. I still have many years to contribute and be productive in society as a life long learner. And what I have learned so far, I want to share with YOU. My inspiration?  Watch this short video at and learn what motivated me to step out on faith and make this life changing decision. 

First, let me tell you a little about my story. I promise I'll try not to bore you. Like everyone else, I dreamed about the ideal life. What I wanted to be...and who I wanted to share my life with. You know the drill...married with children, the house with the white picket fence,the big back yard,  the nice car with the two car garage. Well, that didn't work out. So every day I worked hard, went to school, successfully earned several degrees but I was never afforded the chance to prove my worth AND balance it with earning potential. I was stuck in one dead end job after another. 

Over the years I grew tired. I always dreamed of having my own home-based business. I was one of the fortunate 10 participants accepted in an entrepreneurship program. The program was one year of training on how to start a business with the reward of $10,000 upon successful completion to start a business that will open job opportunities for others. The business was in demand, and would have succeeded but the pay was slow, uncertain and unpredictable..even with the proper contracts in place. After four years, I decided the cons outweighed the pros of my business. Discouraged, I continued with my nursing career but I never stopped dreaming. day I met OPPORTUNITY and CHOICE.  The same opportunity and choice that was presented to me, I want to share with others. The concept it sound. The product is in demand, and the financial rewards depends on your time and effort, AND anyone...I mean ANYONE can profit from this business! 

You see, the internet is booming with online businesses. Even those running a brick and mortar business have a vision of the direction of how to manage a “THRIVING” and "SUCCESSFUL" business. To survive and remain competitive, businesses need the most efficient way to deliver their message, and drive sales. The traditional methods of advertising is needed, but nothing is more promising than pointing potential customers and clients in YOUR direction. You guessed it! You need "TRAFFIC!." Whether you need traffic or want to be the one businesses come to for traffic. YOU are the master of your destiny. To learn more, go to

See you on the other side!

This article was published on 19.09.2015 by Tammie Patton
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Tammie Patton Thank you Alonzo and Kevin  7 years ago
Alonzo Brown Tammie, thanks for the inspiring article. It touched my heart because I spent over 20 years as a Paramedic prior to owning my own home business. I'm honored you're on my team!  7 years ago
Kevin Thompson Great Press  7 years ago

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