How to Shift Your Income

Have you ever heard of income shifting? Up until a few weeks ago, neither had I. To most people, income shifting is simply "robbing Peter to pay Paul" as the old familiar saying goes. However, income shifting is much deeper than that, and far more profitable! It is not simply knowing how to make more money, it is learning how to keep more of the money you already have, and creating cash flow for the future.

One might ask, "Isn't making more money the same as cash flow?" Actually, it isn't; not even close! Income is making more money for yourself. While that might sound like a good thing, it can be a negative. Really? Making more money a negative? It can be, and here's why. Let's say you earn an extra $1,000 a month, but your expenses total up to $2,000 a month. You would still be $1,000 short of what you need to make ends meet! So you would gave find a way to bring in that extra $1,000, which not always an easy thing to do.

Furthermore, how did you bring in that first $1,000? Were you selling a product; working extra hours on your job, etc.? That's called linear income, or something you have to do repeatedly to get the same result. What if sales drop off or, if you couldn't get the extra hours on your job, what then? Linear income only works as long as you can. But, as we have all seen with the coronavirus pandemic, things can change at a rapid pace and leave you without a way to earn a decent income. That's where income shifting comes in!

Income shifting creates cash flow, which is very different from income. Cash flow involves learning to keep more of the money you already make, restoring your credit, eliminating debt and investing for the future. This four pronged attack will create a never ending flow of cash without you having to figure out how to repeat the process. It comes in residually like clockwork. We have been conditioned to get a good education, and then hope to land a well paying job. Now, I'm not speaking against education, but that not the final solution. If you manage to get that "dream job", here's what happens. We give 1/3 of our income to Uncle Sam in taxes, with another 1/3 we accumulate more debt through credit cards, loans, etc., and do our best to live off the remaining 1/3 (which includes paying off that student loan you created when you went to college). The end result is that you have very little left, if any, to invest for the future. What a travesty!

MWR Financial addresses the 4 financial challenges mentioned above with 3 solutions. We create cash flow; not just income.

Solution 1: We shift your income back to you by legally cutting back on how much you pay in taxes.

Solution 2: We make YOU the business owner which greatly reduces taxes in the future.

Solution 3: We get your money working for you, instead of you working for money!

How do we do it? We have a 4,3,2,1 countdown system: 4) We outline the financial challenges. 3) We offer 3 solutions (see above). 2) We have 2 objectives in mind (current lifestyle &future lifestyle). 1) One company handles it all- MWR Financial. Come check us out; let us show you how we do what we do. Hundreds already have and are keeping more of their money than ever before! Why not be one of them?

Jonathan E. Rudd

Executive Director


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This article was published on 24.06.2020 by Jonathan E Rudd
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