Does this Business Plan Make Sense to You?

My Simple Business Plan

Does this make sense to you?

     The Business Plan is the key factor that often drives people to or away from you. Critical elements must be understood in order for business oriented people to be attracted. Regardless of the mechanism to bring people into your business, the ability to replicate, build, and attract. I can gurantee we all strive for the same ciritical element in a business plan. 

The Retention Rate

     When you put energy into helping a person see the true value in a company, the last thing you want is for them to leave after a short stay. This commonality frustrates more online business builders and marketers than most anyother factor. I hear this all the time. The conecpt of "Always needing a pipeline full of new people in order to make money." This is based on a simple fact. Your buisness retention rate is low. To be honest most online businesses, typical MLM style companies turn over their members month after month, keeping on average 20-30% for repeat months. This menas you must bring in people faster than they leave in order to make any real member.

     I ask you to think differently. What if a retnetion rate was higher? What if people typically stayed month after month after you helped them enroll with you? Thi sis where residual income is 100% true to the name. Think about this concept:

     I share my brand with 10 people today. 5 of them find value and see it as a good fit. They enroll and I earn 50% commission. The value of the business is so high these 5 people stay month after month. Regardless of what I do next, I will continue to receive monthly income fromt hese 5 people. I have a slow month, get sick the following month, make too many excuses the next month. These same 5 people are still with me. Nothing like having people stay for a life time after your initial "effort".

     I ask you to think about this: What would a Business Plan from a company with a 97% retention rate do for you? In fact, my personal retention rate if 94.23% (Screen shot on demand) 

Thats the First Generation...What Else?

     When I state "first Generation" I am simply refering to people I personally helped enroll. They earn me 50% commissions and stay 98% of the time. The simplicity of the duplicability of this business makes it simple for my first generation team members to do the same. As they help others, experience the same retention rates I do, I earn 7 geenrations, making commissions from people I never had to meet. The value of the business makes it easy for anyone who doesn't mind "talking" every now and then about this to a friend, family memebr, or online contact. 

What does this mean in Dollars?

I help 8 people find value in the business. I do this either thru the business plan, product line, or combination. My personal option is simple: Present the products and business plan (Just makes sense to those who see all there is to offer) Back to the Dollars....

8 people enroll and enjoy the business like I do. This earns you on average: $475 PLUS $200 Bonus = $675

Not bad for sharing a simple place with 8 people. You didnt have to sell anything, carry merchandise, do any book keeping, billing or collections, distirbute...Simply refer and help enroll.

Now you helped 2 more people. Your residual commissions is at $720 and bonus is $600= $1,320

Now one of the 10 people you helped is doing the same thing. They enroll 8 people. You helped 1 more find value. You now have $975 residual income, $200 Mentoring Bonus and $1,600 in advancement bonus=$2775

As you continue helping others, 98% of those enrolled thru the 7 generations stay month after month. Meanwhile you continue to help more people repeat what you do. You find yourself helping 5 people now grow to 8 enrollees. You now are earning between $3836-$8992 a month. In addition you now receive $500 a month for your new car. 

Now you helped 10 people do the same. Your monthly earnings range between $9,390-$22,693 PLUS $1000 a month for your car. As your volume grows, business grows and you have 20 personal people you enrolled, income can range from $20,376-$29,289 and $1200 per month for 2 Cars. Of course this can continue as far as you wish. 

Some enjoy the benefits of 98% retention, meaning they take a few months "off" and let the retention rate carry their monthly income. Each time you want to work a bit, it just adds to your volume. 

Now I ask you a simple question. Does this business plan make sense to you?

I am always happy to share more. Connect with me here or on Facebook to set-up an appointment or message me for more information. 

Thank you for reading 



This article was published on 17.03.2019 by John Green
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