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How To Achieve The Results Only About <10% Of Affiliates/Networkers Experience

Shockingly enough, there's an incredibly high failure rate within the network marketing industry. Some say it's as high as 97% where most people quit within their first year.

So what exactly are the rest doing that's creating the results that the other 90+% so badly desire? Let's break it down...

1) They've got more than just an opportunity: The people performing the best also have something in place most other affiliates don't. Whether it be some sort of system, coaching, mentoring or the like, these affiliates are doing what most other aren't. And that has everything to do with giving their teammates a clear path to achieving results and duplicating that with other people they enroll.

Your opportunity could be diamond crusted, gold plated and platinum engraved, but it won't mean anything without having some sort of actual system in place to teach or implement for people to start getting results in their business. Looking for such a system that allowed a mentor of mine to enroll 934 people into his business? Check out this 4 minute video here.

2) Authority and Confidence: A friend of mine who's generating multi-millions per year put it like this... "People will buy your leadership long before they buy your membership."

That couldn't be more accurate. Why do you think some people are getting major enrollments in their business while most others are struggling to even get one person per month in theirs even when they're in the same company with the same opportunity? 

Because people want to know that joining your team specifically, that you've got something unique to you that gives others on your team the advantage. And they see you as someone who can get them from the undesirable point A to the desired point B. Watch this quick video on how you can be that person they want to join with.

3) Getting sales is merely an afterthought: Most marketers operate in a way where the sale is the primary objective. This is exactly how other prospects are drawn away from an offer since this is the desperate form of marketing. 

The best networkers are the ones who can identify peoples' pain points and more over, how they can help them eliminate that pain point. In short, the best networkers operate as those who serve people and not just simply sell to them.

4) Only does business with the right people: The number of enrollments you have is not associated with how successful your business is. Because there's a lot of people out there who want a business opportunity but without the challenges to actually make it profitable.

There's plenty of people that want "zero investment" or "little to no work". Which tells you that most of these people will have little to no commitment in really building their business. And those are the people at the top tolerate no such thing. As a matter of fact, they reject MORE people than they actually take in.

Because while there's tons out there looking for a business opportunity, there's far less who will actually put in the work to make the opportunity work for them. But it pays off far more to have a few dedicated then many that are less so.

Regardless of how long you've been in the networking industry, these things are critical to understand. It takes more than just promoting a business opportunity to people. Because at the end of the day, people are ultimately looking for other people. There's plenty of opportunities out there. But what are YOU specifically doing to make that opportunity to stand out to others? 

The fact that I said almost nothing about how the opportunity itself is of any importance should be a good hint...

This article was published on 07.04.2020 by Kevin Williams
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