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Karatbars - your savings method and your online business

Is your business really making you money? I mean to the extent where you think it could be your sole income within a few months? Are you still saving with paper money and banks and building societies?

There are signs that another financial crash is coming and it COULD wipe out pensions and savings overnight so maybe you should think about protecting yourself. And when financial markets are weak, gold always goes up in value.

To be successful you need all these things

  1. A unique product range
  2. A company with a real track record.  
  3. An experienced mentor to pass on their knowledge and expertise 
  4. A simple system that anyone can follow.  

Let me show you how my Karatbars team offers all these things.

Karatbars gives ordinary people the ability to use gold as a savings medium by allowing you to buy in very small quantities - the sort of money that real people worldwide manage to save every month. Bullion dealers won't even look at you unless you have thousands of pounds so their prices cannot be compared with Karatbars.

Karatbars was founded more than 5 years ago. It is a real, European-based company with a real HQ. My sponsor, Brian McGinty has helped more than 500 people to start their business and be successful and is always on hand for advice and assistance. I really look forward to receiving his weekly emails because there is always something of value in there to help me be successful.  When you join with me, you are in Brian's team and on his mailing list.

As a business, you can start for free as an affiliate and still earn commissions. Boost those commissions by upgrading to Bronze, Silver or Gold packages. When your referrals do this, you also earn commission units, just like you do when they buy gold in Karatbars products.

As well as a savings product, Karatbars products make very attractive gifts for all kinds of occasions. The birth of a child, a wedding, a birthday or Christmas for example. Or perhaps you would like to reward a business team for their efforts or to say thank you to someone special. The product range is being added to constantly.  

All I am asking you to do at the moment, is to watch a video. That's right. I have given you the basic facts but the video gives you the whole picture. Please allow time to watch this - it's about 45 minutes long.

When you have finished, please contact me personally if you are interested in becoming a customer or an affiliate - both are very welcome on my team! The video itself has no affiliate links.

This article was published on 04.10.2015 by Jenny Fletcher
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KaratBars International - Gold, Free to join

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Alonzo Brown Jenny, great article on KaratBars. I wish you much success.  7 years ago

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