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Appi Travels is a World Class Leader in the Travel and Hospitality industry Based in Canada with Affiliations to many First Class Service Providers in THE TRAVELS AND HOSPITALITY BUSINESS. The CEO; Danny Gauthier, is born and raised in Montreal Canada. Dan is married with 3 Children. Danny is a strong Compensation Plan Design Specialist with more than 35years experience in this Industry and has saved the Best ComPlan, Financial intelligence to consider! #1. No matter the economy, people will always travel. People travel for business purpose, leisure, health, academics etc.... Think about that! Why Appi Travels? Appi travels offers 2 ways to travel: (A). Travel, Hotel, car rentals cruise upto 75% discount.... Wow! (B) Travel, Hotel accommodation, car rentals, cruise, all for FREE.... Amazing! #2. With Appi travels you earn daily in bitcoin May 2016, 1 Bitcoin=$400 June 2017, 1 Bitcoin=$ 2,600 �different of $2,200... Think about that! May 2018, 1 Bitcoin = ? Just like your next house rent to be due soon... Think about that! The selling point of Appi travels is: your earnings is paid in bitcoin + upto 75% discounts and FREE TRAVELS Lets take for Instance booking a flight ticket using Appi travels. Assuming US to London is 1000$, as member of AppiTravels you can get it for $800 or upto 75% discount less than the usual price.... Wow!!!! (This is applicable to any destination of choice). Below Are The Entry Packages Of Appi Travels #1. Explorer: $75 +$25= $105. 2. Traveler: $250 +$100= $333. 3. Navigator: $550 +$250= $805. There Are two compensation plans in one) 6 Way of making money with Appi travels daily, you can also withdraw your earning instantly. 1. Direct commission 2. Pass up commission 3.Residual Referral Matching Bonus) 4. Appi fund 5. Free Travels points 6.Residual Re-entry. Explorer package payout: $25. Traveler package payout: $100. Navigator package payout: $250. Permit me to talk about explorer package only ($100) while you use the same breakdown for the 2 other packages. 1. Direct commission ($25): You earn $25 on Explorer registration done by you. 2. Pass up commission($25): All Even Numbers of your sign-ups are pass up to up line above You. Your first sign-up, you earn $25 (odd number), Your 2nd person is a pass-up (even number). Your 3rd sign-up you earn, 4th is pass up. Your 5th sign up you earn, 6th sign-up is a pass up..... Etc. Take Note: The same way you pass up, you'll also earn pass ups from those below you. (equality is applied) 3.Residual Referral Matching Bonus): This is another exciting way to earn in Appi Travels. All your direct sign-ups, either odd or even numbers (fixed or pass up), anytime they earn direct or pass up commissions, you the sponsor earn 100% of what they earn. E.g: you sign up Sam, he earns $100, you the sponsor earns the same $100.... What if you've 10 persons you directly sign-up, if they earn 100$ daily, you'll automatically earn $100, x10= $1,000. for that day only. If that continues daily for 30days = that's $30,000 USD.... wow!!! 4. Appi fund: It's a 2x2 matrix. 6 people fills the matrix, out of those 6. (The 6 people are not necessarily from you. You may only sponsor 1or 2 personally. Others to make up 6 can come from your team) 4 positions in the matrix will pay you 25$ each to your back office making 100$. Out of the $100. Automatic $25 will be taken to recycle you back into the matrix. Balance of $75 in all matrices cycled. Take note: Your downlines follows you in all the matrices, it's automatic. The system takes the last $25 to recycle you back into the matrix, same for all members. 5. Free Travels points: Each time you earn 25$ Direct Commission, Pass Up and Check Match Bonus, you'll earn 250 travel points for your travels both local & International and hotel bookings as well. Take note: It can be withdrawn as cash (you get 50% as cash). 6.Residual Re-entry bonus Every 30days, you qualify to earn what you've earned in the last 30days. It's only for old members who have been in the system for 30days only. All earning are in bitcoin. What a smart way to earn in bitcoin. The secret of being rich: Find where the world is going, be there before they arrive - Bill Gates Cheers to the success & Victory ahead. The Opportunity You Have Been Waiting For Is Right Here Before Seize It NOW...Register Withe link Below And Your Life Will Not Be The Same Again!...
This article was published on 30.06.2017 by Matthew Akhigbe-alufua
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