WHY!? Why did you chose your company?

WHY?! Someone asked me why I chose to sell SeneGence products yesterday. Because they literally changed my life!

Lip color changed my life :P Right! LOL 

Well, it's true. ...

I was born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate and incomplete nose. I had to have multiple surgeries and that left scar tissue. I'm and so and so red head with eczema. So my lips were constantly chapped and in pain. I honestly didn't realize how much they hurt until LipSense STOPPED THE PAIN ! :) 

The pain and first was rough. The 'tingling ' the company talks about is painful on seriously chapped lips, but my friend, Noemi, told me to try it daily for a week and that it should get better. And NO chapstick (what!! No chapstick!! You're crazy ) All.my friend and family know I am a #chapstickaholic

The first 3 days, my lips exfoliated badly and I honestly thought ' another product that won't work for me'... but, after 4 days the exfoliating stopped. By the 5th day, I kept touching my lips because I realized they DIDN'T HURT! Eating spicy foods didn't sting.... My lips didn't feel Like 'sandpaper' when I kissed my husband good night.... AND I was thrilled. 

This is WHY I was crazy to jump on board with SeneGence! This is WHY I and not just selling and good thing... I am trying to share my passion and joy. 

And then I tried the skin care... the dry patches that were on my face were cleared up by SeneGence skin care. I no longer have to wear excessive amounts of cover up and powder in order to go out in public. My skin looks so great, I only wear tinted moisturizer. I never thought this could happen. I had tried several other very expensive products. I had even gone to the dermatologist and nothing else worked. How does a simple skin care regimen do what this does? Senegence skin care is exceptional. All natural, vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free, and made in the United States.

Want to hear more? Message me or call 757 803-3274 https://www.facebook.com/groups/KeepableKisses

You have to be passionate about a product in order to sell it. No matter what anyone says, products do not sell themselves. Direct marketing or any form of sales is not easy. It is work. But if you love it you will enjoy your work. If you are looking for a fantastic product and what more information about senegence check out this link for distributorship. http://potentialdistributors.biz/ 

Or me a call

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This article was published on 10.08.2017 by Kellie van Avery
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SeneGence International - makeup, skincare, 55 USD to join

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Wayne Iremonger So True Kellie you must become a product of your product If you do not eat breath and love your product you may just as well stay in the closet at home to your success,Wayne  1 year ago

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