The Two Biggest Reasons Network Marketers Fail

It’s a sad truth, but 99% of all network marketer fail. Is it because they aren’t motivated? Not really. Nearly everyone who joins a network marketing business has invested their hopes, their dreams and their aspirations in their business, and yet so many fail.

Why is that? Let’s explore the two main reasons why…

Reason #1 – Their Friends and Family DO NOT Want to Join Their Business

With most network marketing companies, your upline will tell you to make a list of their friends and family and then go recruit them. The problem is that, unlike you, they may not have any interest in joining your business. The next problem is that once you run out of people to talk to, your business is done.

Here are two better strategies:

1, If your company has a game-changing product that people desperately want, get them hooked on the product and then have them upgrade to distributor. Once they have a passion for the product and the company, they are more likely to join the business.

2. Offer value to existing network marketers who may be struggling in their business. They will see you as a leader who can help them achieve their goals and will be much more interested in joining your team.

Reason #2 – They Don’t Have a Training System to Plug New Recruits Into

Often times, when network marketers recruit someone they often think, “Crap! What do I do with them now?” They don’t have a system to plug them into that teaches them how to build their business. Lacking that system, they find themselves telling their team to “go and recruit your family and friends.”

A duplicatable system should be something you can plug everyone in up and down your organization into and within a very short amount of time, they should be able to be generating leads and recruiting people into the business.

It should be simple and straightforward.

For example, we use a Facebook group that now has over 200,000 raving fans and is filled with thousands of testimonials. We call our method ATM and it stands for Add-Tag-Message. Here is how it works…

When someone expresses an interest in our product or business, we Add them to our Facebook group. Then, base on their interest, we Tag them in 5-10 relevant posts then we Message them to follow up.

The beautiful part of this system is that the thousands of testimonials do all the “selling and telling” for us and act as social proof. When someone joins the business, we just teach them the A-T-M method and off they go.


I have put together a FREE TRAINING where we show you exactly how we use the A-T-M method and how you can use it in your own business as well.

To access our free training go to

This article was published on 09.07.2020 by Frank Vandy
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