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Protect your family or your business with the nations premier legal provider. Very affordable With Many Benefits for you and your family Today!! Learn more at

We offer individual plans, family plans & business plans! We also offer identity theft protection and monitoring.

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Get access to professional consultation, letters and phone calls, contract and document review, 24/7 emergency access, trial defense services, court representation, and other benefits.

The most comprehensive identity protection and reputation management solution available. IDShield provides TransUnion credit monitoring and alerts, social media and dark web monitoring for enhanced privacy protection, privacy expert support and an identity restoration guarantee. 

Associates can sell LegalShield as a solo associate, or lead their own team. The flexibility of the LegalShield sales model means however associates choose to sell, they define their business opportunity.

My name is Jermaine. I have been in the home based business for over 10 years. It’s all about relationships and connecting with people. This opportunity has afforded me the ability to live on my terms and enjoy the life I created. I also now have a great peace knowing my family and I are always protected 

The benefits are too many to go over individually, but I’m sure you will agree once you look over the information 

I work very closely with each person that joins my team. I only succeed if you are successful with me. If you are tired of the fly by night opportunities and want to finally make some money online. Contact me immediately. 

If you are just needing some legal advice or some legal help reach out to me so I can show you the way.

We look forward to protecting you and your family! We also look forward to working with those interested in joining our team!

Jermaine Campbell Independent Associate

This article was published on 11.11.2020 by Jermaine Campbell
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Legal Shield - Legal services, Free to join

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