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How I Plan to Build a BIG Downline

I'll admit, I'm a MLM rookie and building a Downline has been very difficult for me.  I just joined Neolife Club about a month ago. I was looking for a company that allowed me to sell both the products and the opportunity, online and offline. It was important that their products were of high quality, made me feel fantastic and were all backed by 100% money back guarantee. This company gives a free website to each new distributor, it has the ability to sell both the product and distributorships. But, the icing on the cake was the Challenges they hold every month. One for losing weight (10 lbs.) and one for attaining a lifetime dream (marathon, etc.) And, once you achieve your goal, you are entered into a monthly drawing. Two men and two women are randomly drawn each month, but if your name isn't drawn, it isn't removed, it stays in the drawing until you eventually win. Kind of depends on how many distributors have entered. Oh, and the prize isn't product, it's cold hard cash, actually $1,000.00. If you'd like to check this out for yourself, the Challenge information is at the bottom of my page.  Check out the Challenge Here

I was very excited about my new opportunity, was very energetic about creating a landing page, surfing for hours on end, sending countless emails to my safelists and placing free ads. And you know how many distributors I recruited, NONE, not a one. Got a few nibbles but no takers. What was I doing wrong?

Then I met a man who told me I was doing it all wrong and that I shouldn't have to do it by myself. Was he going to teach me how to become a successful MLMer, I didn't think so. But he did turn me on to another program, yes, just more money down the drain. However, I learned more in our first conference call then I had endlessly surfing the web, realizing there were things I was doing incorrectly and others I wasn't doing when I should have been.  

Such as you ask? Well, if you're going to have a landing page it needs to stand out. Mine was just bullets with the good points to my company. Your page has to catch the surfers eye and peak their interest. I was told, don't worry, this program has templates, easy to change and lots to choose from. Make outstanding landing pages, as many as you want. Humm! He also said your landing page has to be a capture page. Uh oh, getting technical on me. And, you had to have a autoresponder to correspond with the emails you captured. And, you had to decide how often to send your emails, what you were going to say to keep them interested in your offer, or get them back to take a second look. Oh brother, this little grandma's head was spinning. Not to worry I was told. I have the answer for you, and he did.  

This opportunity is fantastic. You can make money selling their services while at the same time building your list so you can turn your curious into prospects. Wow, this is too good to be true, build a list with them, get paid to do it, your autoresponder follows up automatically for you (they already have the emails written and ready to go). So as you develop a list, that same list can be used to recruit prospects into your primary MLM.  

Benefits of this opportunity are too numerous to explain in only 400 words. They have professional banners, pre-written ads for your safelists, a complementary Wordpress blog, a list of free and cheap advertising, and numerous training videos, as well as a weekly training call. This is truly a fantastic opportunty to make additional money online.  Just one of my many lading pages.

To join is $69.00 for the first month, that includes $20.00 for set up. After that, it's just $49.00 a month. The training and education you get from this site is fantastic, Oh, and did I forget to tell you it's ran by Tim Sebert, yah, you heard me right, The Tim Sebert. So when he develops a How To or Marketing Video, you know you're going to get some very valuable information. Your back office is full of marketing helps, training and bonuses, yes vacation bonuses.  

This is too good to pass up. I'm trying to absorb all the knowledge that's presented in my back office and it's going to take me awhile. Everything from placing ads on Facebook to developing multiple landing pages. Just check it out, you'll be so glad you did. 

Thanks for reading my announcement,

Linda Moreland

This article was published on 23.06.2016 by Linda Moreland
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Linda Moreland Hello Alena, How much does it cost to join your opportunity?  6 years ago
Linda Moreland Hello Alena, After joining 10X recruitment the work is all done, I don't have to do anything but advertise.   6 years ago
Alena Derzekos Even that's too hard there are much easier and cheaper ways   6 years ago

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