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The compensation plan for American Dream Nutrition is a multi-level marketing (MLM) structure, in which individuals can earn money by selling the company's products and recruiting others to do the same. The company's compensation plan is designed to reward individuals for their personal sales as well as for building a team of salespeople.

The compensation plan is broken down into several levels. As a member, you can earn commissions on your own personal sales, as well as on the sales made by the members of your downline, or team. The more members you recruit and the more products they sell, the more money you can earn.

In addition to commissions on personal and team sales, American Dream Nutrition also offers bonuses and incentives for reaching certain sales milestones and for building a large and successful team. These bonuses can include cash awards, all-expense-paid trips, and other rewards.

One aspect of the compensation plan is the Binary plan, which allows individuals to earn money from two teams, left and right, by recruiting new members and building sales within those teams. This allows individuals to earn from both legs and maximize their earning potential.

Each new member that is recruited by an individual is placed on either the left or right team, creating a binary tree structure. As the teams grow, individuals can earn money from both legs of their binary tree, not just their personally recruited members but also their team members recruited members.

The way the earning works in a binary plan is that the company sets a "cycle" or "pay leg" which is the leg with the least amount of sales volume. The volume on the other leg is called the "power leg" and the volume on the pay leg is matched by the volume on the power leg. When the pay leg reaches a certain amount of volume, it "cycles" and the individual earns a commission.

The binary plan also allows for spillover, which is when a team member in one leg sponsors a new member and there is no room for them to be placed in that leg, the new member is placed under the next available sponsor in the other leg. This can help individuals to earn money from members that they did not personally recruit.

In addition to commissions earned from cycling and spillover, American Dream Nutrition also offers bonuses and incentives for reaching certain sales milestones and for building a large and successful binary team.

Overall, the binary plan is a unique aspect of American Dream Nutrition's compensation plan, which provides an additional earning opportunity for members who are able to build a large and successful team. It allows individuals to earn money from both legs of their binary tree, and maximizes their earning potential.

The company also offers a leadership pool, where a percentage of the company's overall sales are distributed among the top leaders based on their rank, performance, and contribution to the organization.

In conclusion, American Dream Nutrition's compensation plan is designed to provide a great opportunity for individuals to earn money while also promoting a healthy lifestyle. The plan rewards hard work, dedication, and success and offers several ways for individuals to earn money from their personal sales and team building efforts.

This article was published on 25.01.2023 by Terrance Williams
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