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How To Get More People To Say

Are you sick of hearing the excuse "I'll join you if you make money with it"?  It seems you can't get anyone to say "yes" until someone says "yes" the first time, and it becomes this wall of obstacles to climb over. But truth is, that wall is very simple to climb over once you understand the tricks, and ways the top earners are sponsoring others into their business. And now, you are going to get the trick and climb over the wall of getting started.


More than likely, you were told by your upline to go find everyone you know and tell them to join the business, or something close. Then of course the excuses come in. You begin feeling like you just can't get this moving.

The only reason your warm market is saying "no" to you, is because they don't believe you can be successful at it. They know your past, your failures, and they have never pictured you as a strong entrepreneur. So of course, they don't want to "sink" in the same boat they believe your in.


This is why it really is NOT wise to approach warm market when you begin an MLM business. It will drain you, it will make you wonder if you made a mistake, and many other negative feelings you can't afford to have to succeed.

The solution to building a strong team (this is exactly how I did it) is approaching cold market. People you do not know yet are way more likely to join you because they don't know your past. Many of them when approached, will automatically think you're successful even if you haven't made a dime yet.

Getting the idea yet?

When I got my first start to success, it was by calling a list of people I did not know, and invite them over to look at the new company my team had switched over to. These were genealogy leads (we will get more to that in a second) and had been with us in the previous company.

My results were - Out of 125 names I called by telephone - I reached about 50 and spoke to them - Of 50 I spoke to, 20 signed up under me. All this took place in less than 3 weeks. So there was my start to success.

From this point, warm market wanted in. I NEVER pitched or asked them to join, I simply told them about what was happening for me. So now I was making good money and big bonuses, they begged me to sign them up, and show them how to do it.


Now, you can always learn cool things to say, how to handle a conversation, and what NOT to say to get more results. You also will learn as you go and get better. So not knowing what to say should not be an excuse to avoid prospecting.


If you want to increase your knowledge and get better results faster, you need to listen and learn from those who are getting the results you want.

HERE IS AN INTERVIEW by a man who has sponsored over 1,277 people into just one of his businesses. Yes, there are a lot more sponsored since this interview, and many more businesses he has sponsored others into.

Go listen to this free download of one of his interviews, and take notes. This man knows his stuff.


You will still need prospects. You are going to learn what to say, how to think, when to shut-up, and so forth on the interview above.

But, it will not get you prospects. So use the link below to get an endless supply of cold market prospects that are genealogy leads.

Genealogy leads are people who have been in MLM businesses before. They know and understand the industry. Many simply want a team they can believe in and get behind. This is why my success has been with calling genealogy leads.....oh and did I mention they usually are glad to talk to you?


Hope this helps!


Now you know the secret.

Simply approach people you do not know and do not know you.

Learn some on what to say, how to act and so forth to increase results.

Speak to genealogy leads mostly. They will convert much higher.

Then, let your friends and family know of the success you are having and the money you are making. Most of them will be like "I didn't know you were doing that".....or..... "What? How Much? How Long? How do I get in?"

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This article was published on 14.02.2016 by Jaye Carden
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