Earn 5.5% Profit from Trading every 10 days without refering people.


I would like to tell you about the New Retail E-Commerce business Opportunity with Sairui Mall International.

Today in the traditional E-Commerce like Jumia, Konga etc, the seller make money and we (Shoppers) get the products with no other value added. We are are just profit providers.

In the New Retail E-Commerce which is the opportunity I want to share with you, the shoppers gets their products and also becomes part of the profit gainer and fully guide our consumers’ network resources to the mall. This opportunity ensure that Enterprise’s Profits through increased sales increase, Zero inventory of reservation system, Platform’s Profits to Big Data collection, platform value increasing, service and rent income and Consumer’s Profits - Consumers are not only profit creators but also profits gainers. Hence, all 3 major players in the E-commerce space benefit amazingly.

Meeting the needs of consumers is the most important thing for every company to do. Sairui has decided to establish the shopping link between consumers and manufacturers, to provide effective marketing solutions for businesses based on the Internet. The ECo System model of Sairui Mall allows consumers to save money by themselves and make money by sharing. It does not only enables consumers to spend their money to obtain high-quality goods, but also provides a platform for consumers to start their own businesses.

You earn profit from trading every 10 days and enjoy wonderful products which you dont necessarily needs to sell before you earn. This opportunity also does not require you to refer people to the business you can earn.

The 10 days profit structure of Sairui Mall are as follows:

 VIP 2 - $7

VIP 3 - $14

VIP 4 - $42

VIP 5 - $84


1. No compulsory referrals.

2. You will get a free product every 10 days’ worth 100s of dollars.

3. Products are very very useful products.

4. It is not an investment oooo. It is a market place where u buy and sell.

5. Every 10 days, all your capital and profit is released at the same time to u. If u do not want to trade again, u can take your money + product and go away.

6. In most networks, if u do not bring any new person, you do not earn anything but not so with sairui mall. We trade every 10 days so every 10 days something small will come home.

7. You do not have to carry any product around looking for who will buy like in other networks.

8. Sairui mall does your selling for you. All you need to do is buy goods on wholesale and Sairui will sell it out at retail price for u.

9. The products you receive, you can sell it to anyone u like and make another extra income, use the product yourself or give it out as a gift even though u made profit on your sale already.

10. Sairui mall is not going anywhere. It is solid and spreading wild like fire. Sairui is a game changer. Sairui is second to none.Can we discuss this over whatsapp on 08056198487 or arrange a personal meeting?

Thank you.

This article was published on 09.05.2020 by Jude Edemode
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Century Heng Yue (CHY) Mall Int. - E-Commerce Business, Free to join

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