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People Literally Pay $1,000 to Be On His Team. Why?

You might think I'm joking and the truth is I am. People actually pay around $1500 to $1800 to be on his team. The first $1000 is just the down payment while the rest is simply for his course and the affiliate package.

People might ask "Whoa whoa, why on earth would literally anyone pay THAT MUCH to be on someone else's team when people can join mine for like 20 bucks?"

The answer is simple my friend...

It's because he sells on the fact that he has the leadership skills, the tools and the teachings to allow everyone on his team to experience wild success on his team. Period.

Secondly, he sets his tolerance level low for those who would rather come in cheap and sit around on the sidelines.

An important quote he states is "People will buy your Leadership long before they buy your Membership."

That's just how powerful having something like that can be in terms of you being the selling point rather than your business opportunity.

Some people might think... "Well I don't have that kind of charisma or decades of marketing experience" which is something this guy has in spades.

But do you really need it? No.

What you DO need is something that distinguishes you from other affiliates in the field. Your prospects need to have confidence in YOU as someone who can get them from that undesirable point A to the desired point B.

Ever wonder why some people are just killing it in their company while others aren't doing so hot in the EXACT SAME company? There's your answer.

So how do we fix this issue?

We need to have something other affiliates don't have. Something that when they join your team, have access to and immediately position themselves in a much better position than other affiliates.

And this is where the Perpetual Enrollment Machine or PEM for short comes into play for you.

PEM is not a business opportunity. It is not some other offer to throw at other people. 

It is in fact a system in which you and your fellow affiliates will implement and duplicate to create MASSIVE results in your business.

How so? Well, a mentor of mine used a system like this and was able to recruit 934 people into his business and completely eclipse his day-job income within 5-6 months.

More can be explained here in this short 4 minute video.

You ready to kick your marketing to the next level? Then it's time you actually level up your marketing.

This article was published on 09.04.2020 by Kevin Williams
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