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From Making Only $20 in 18 years of Networking to Buying a Mercedes in 2 Years

You've probably heard a ton of people getting frustrated and quitting in their MLM opportunity.

Some quit within a year.

Others quit within 6 months.

And other quit in as little as 2 months!

But just imagine struggling in your home networking business for 18 years and only making a whopping $20 in your ENTIRE networking career!

Now that's dedication if I've ever seen it. 

Even I personally don't think I'd have that resolve to not even break triple digits after being in networking for that long.

But then something changed...

It wasn't some crazy stroke of luck or divine intervention that immediately got this person to buying her first Mercedes and having her very own home built from the ground up within 2 years.

The one thing that she found was a total change in the way that she marketed her products/opportunity.

She found Attraction Marketing.

Some may not be entirely aware of what Attraction Marketing actually is.

For the 20,000 foot view of what it is, you can click here to grab a free downloadable guide packed with the knowledge and insights of some of the most successful networkers in the industry.

Think about it this way...

Think about the ways that networkers usually promote their stuff.

The spammy posts, the constant barrage of affiliate links, the slipping into other people's DM's without their permission or consent.

You know the kind of stuff that gets people immediately darting in the other direction as if you reeked of a very poorly aged cheese.

And if you haven't smelled something like that, then you are very fortunate ;)

Attraction Marketing first and foremost is based off of... well.... literally not doing any of that.

Instead, we are finding the people that we can best associate with, understand and address their biggest pains or problems, creating content that addresses and even provides a solution to that problem and finally luring them over to us with what we have to offer.

Because we're not begging for people's business.

We're not immediately asking for the sale when we have no idea what it is that they're going through or what the best solution for them is.

That's called Repelling Marketing. And a ton of people are masters at that. 

But if you're actually trying to make money and make lots of it in your business, the Repelling Marketing tactic might not be your best option.

Which is why you want to completely shift what you might've doing to get people to join your business.

But what if you had the sum knowledge from the minds of some of the most successful minds in network marketing?

Well you're in luck as the free downloadable guide you'll get when you click here happens to be just that.

You'll find such things such as:

The 3 money making activities you want to do everyday in your business

The 6 Pillars that Build the Foundation of Every Successful Networking Business

The 3 Phases of Growth that will help you start building up your audience and recruit at lightspeed!

...And a lot more where that came from.

You don't need to struggle for years or in this person's case, decades before you can start seeing some real results in your business.

You just need to take a different route in how you promote your products and business plain and simple.

This article was published on 01.07.2021 by Kevin Williams
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