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The way people buy products and online has changed

We're not just buying from shopping sites anymore, we're also buying directly through Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and even messenger!

And because of that fact.... So many different business opportunities have become available and it's become quite competitive...

Here's the problem:

Solopreneurs are either trying to market like companies with big ad spends do, running ads to lead magnets but not understanding the entire campaign. Which results in massive adspend with tiny results and zero return...


They are pumping out tonnes of content to a very small audience of people they are already connected with, hammering that network to a point where people are just sick of hearing about it.... Sorry but it's the truth

But there's a middle ground that isn't overcrowded. If you can tap in to THIS market.... This is where you can stand out. This is where you can make connections with new people fast. This is where you can create lasting success in business

These are the 3 skills you will learn with I AM U. And everything you need to tap in to that middle ground

1 Branding

Who are you and what do you stand for?

Are communicating that you are the type of person that people can trust, you are the type of person that delivers value and you are the type of person that people want to follow?  

2Lead Generation

Do you have a steady flow of leads coming in every day? This is something that a lot of affiliate marketers struggle with. And the main reason is that what works is constantly changing but we believe we have cracked the code and it's our goal to help you achieve Lead Generation Mastery.

3 Conversion

Now that you have leads that are attracted to you and what you stand for... It's time to take them through a process that inspires them to take action and empowers them to become successful in their own right!

For more infomation REACH OUT TO ME  (

Kind regards 

Tasman Whakaneke

As you Move towards your goal It will move towards you 

and it all begins from you making the decision

This article was published on 30.07.2019 by Tasman W Whakaneke
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I AM its a Movement - ATTRACTION MARKETING, 34 USD to join

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