In today's training I want to introduce you to a particular platform that I am also using to generate most of my traffics.

Most people have been asking me how to generate leads for their business. The truth is that there are different ways of generating leads the more ways you know, the better. I have been using this platform for few months now the result is great.

You may have come across MLM gateway before, you probably may have registered on it before but you may be like me who never knew how it worked the first time I registered on the platform. I never saw the platform to be a great place initially so I left it for a month after I registered not until I started receiving some emails notifications concerning the free credit I earned that I decided to take a closer look at it.

In today's training, I'll share with you few things that I have learnt about MLM gateway platform, I'll also show you how network marketers like you can utilise the platform to your advantage.

MLM gateway as the name implies, is a platform for network marketers to connect with each other. Once you become a member, you can connect with other networkers, posts your business opportunity, post business announcement and advertise your business on the platform.

Since today's training is basically on how to generate leads for your business, I'll try to narrow it to that.

Here is how to generate leads through the platform. There are many ways by which you can use the platform to generate leads but I'll discuss only two. 

The first one is through business announcement:

After your free registration, you will be able to write a business announcement. Here you will click on business announcement on your dashboard and write anything related to your business. You can include link to your website, WhatsApp group, blog, or you can include your phone. As people read through your announcement, they may visit your links to know what you are doing. This is one way by which you can generate leads.

I wish to also let you know that there are some precautions while publishing your announcement ;

1) the content must be yours , it shouldn't be something that has been published before on the internet else it won't be approved by the administrator.

2) you must use only two links in your announcement.

3) it shouldn't be an avenue for you to use and write against other people's businesses.

Few benefits are:

1) your write up can rank very high on Google search ranking.

2) you will earn free credit if your business announcement is approved by the administrator. On a side note these credits are use to contact other networkers on the platform. It is also used for advertisement on the platform. In most cases if you have enough credits, you can withdraw it as cash.

3) you can use your announcement to generate traffic to either your website, blog, WhatsApp group by including your links in the announcement.

4) you will have an opportunity to attach your business to any announcement you post. This means that as people go through your announcement, they will also see your business opportunity.

The second way by which you can use to generate leads for your business is through advertisement.

Let me quickly let you know that once you register, you will earn a free credit. 

You will also earn credits when you refer other members 

You will equally earn credits when your business announcement has been approved.

Now the question is what do one use the credit for??

You can use your credit to advertise on the platform there is an option for you to advertise: also note that this platform is mainly for networkers, anyone on the platform is a quality prospect and when you advertise, you are likely to get leads for your business.

Credits can also be used to contact other networkers on the platform all over the world. People from your state and local government are there so you can equally use your credit to contact them.

You can as well withdraw your credit as cash if you have enough.

This is a great platform if you will like to check it out click here and register

The platform is extremely easy to navigate. 

Additional information 

You can either be a free member or a platinum member but the above information works irrespective of the package you are on. 

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MAC-FRANCIS EDEM is a network marketing professional, he is a diamond director in his company. He has helped many home business owners and he will be happy to work with you too. WHATSAPP +2347036959741

This article was published on 24.06.2019 by Mac-Francis Ekpenyong
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