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Café Connections @copyright 2017

By Tasha Lewis , The ICC Group

Aspiring writers come from a wide background of skill sets. Some have writing experience some don’t. They are always looking for ways to earn from their stories. By visiting different cafes domestically or abroad, the writers can join various rewards programs that pay for their meals and sometimes their transportation.

Each café offers a unique opportunity for story ideas and new subject matters. When writers are developing characters or scenes, they need new and innovative ideas that will entice their audience into buying their books. If the writer is a screenwriter, they will need ideas for their feature films or TV Pilots. Many characters are developed by observing everyday ordinary life.

Leading Actors love portraying everyday ordinary characters that are relatable. Producers look for s that are marketable and have a high concept that will appeal to a wide audience. Directors love directing s to showcase their skill set.  

If writers can earn as they go at breakfast, lunch and dinner, their basic everyday expenses can be taken care of. Over time these reward points and programs can translate into hundreds of dollars in savings that can decrease their daily costs.    

The café is also a great place to meet with clients, agents, managers and producers. This provides Tax Advantages that translate into additional savings especially if the writer takes professional development course work along the way. If your entire day can be written off as business expenses, the writer can earn points while simultaneously obtaining tax write offs.  

By traveling by train, plane, boat, bus, bike or car and other sources, the executive, entrepreneur, novelist, director, agent, manager and producer can use the trip to work or earn additional income. In fact, there was a case where a lady in Europe traveled all over Europe by train. She saved rent and expenses for a year.  

Each time writers work on a new project, they could map out a list of cafés where they could stop for a few hours a day and use it for locations for their new project and enroll in their rewards programs. These points can add up substantially. With time, most of their daily expenses can be covered and they could use the savings to reinvest in their business.  

Lastly, to learn more about all these wonderful opportunities. Visit the web site of each café prior to visiting them (if they don’t have a web site, ask about social media sites or just ask them if they offer frequent shopper programs). That way you won’t miss out on any opportunities or leave out the small Mom and Pop stores who gave us all that first cup of Java. Learn about all of their programs. Enroll in as many as possible. Track your accounts monthly. Keep a ledger of all your expenses for your tax professional. These receipts will come in handy when Tax time rolls around. Make a weekly schedule for your visits and document everything.

Have a cup of Java and Get writing! Directing! Producing! Doing Business!  


FYI, this model can be used for any profession or industry.  

To learn more about the author, Tasha Lewis, visit .

This article was published on 30.08.2019 by Tasha Lewis
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