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Why do I decide to keep doing MLM!!

Hi everyone, thank you for taking time out to read this article.  I'll start with a little background about myself.  i have been involved with multi level marketing companies off  and on mainly off for approx 24 years!!  wow when  I say that I really feel old.  My first company I became exposed to was in the early 90's called NSA ( national safety associates) Great company, product and support just not ready for it in the UK.  Didn't really have any success. 

Over the next 5 - 10 years dipped my toes in to a number of smaller MLM based  ventures some good some bad each with varing degrees of success. To name a few Kleeneze, Echo's, a skin care/ perfume company backed by none other than the disgraced presenter Stewart Hall, a membership club which was brilliant backed by Danny baker and a diet cookie program.  As you can imagine I'm still not Rich!! 

So you ask why do you keep joining these pyramid schemes as people ( the uneducated) often ask me?

I do believe in the MLM as the perfect vehicle to market and distribute products and this is the key.  What ever company you decide to work with YOU must 

  • Like the products and preferably use them yourself
  • The payment plan must be good and have multiple streams of payment
  • The company must have a customer base bigger than its distributorship!!
  • There must be a track record and great support network
  • Its got to be fun!

I know over the years i've possibly spent a fortune on joining and trying to sell all these products. 

That said in reflection I have also met some very interesting people,  some of them in my normal working or social life I would never have met and some of these people did have a positive influence on me.  Can I put a price on this NO, do I think I have been brain washed by the MLM companies NO, would I do it all again YES

I love MLM and I love the people, its refreshing to meet so many positive people from all walks of life who just want a better themselves and are getting up off there A*** to do some thing about it rather than sit and be a winger.

So to end my article if ever you get down and disheartened and think MLM is never going to work for YOU

  •  just take a second and assess what it is that first drawn you to join the company your with.
  • Are you using the product if not look for one you will use
  • Are you having Fun and getting paid
  • are people buying the product

As for the pyramid scenario ask your self how is any of the main businesses or corporations built 

Because its a Pyramid

So what do I do now??

I'm very happy promoting a number of products mainly aimed at weight management 

  • Company has track record
  • great support
  • pays a weekly, monthly and faststart bonus
  • Has a FREE trial so you can test before you decide to join (No Risk)
  • The products actually work!! and Yes I use then myself
  • The customer base is bigger than the distributorship

Want to know why I  love it take a look at the Live hangout and see for yourself

This weeks Live hangout recording

This article was published on 10.06.2016 by Mark Snape
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